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Maybe they could also round up all the journalists at the majority of news sites? They do seem to be rather selective in their news output.
So wages have gone up from $30 aweek to $65 dollars a week in 3 years. With China in the ascendency such market led luxuries are no doubt coming our way!
There is a queue 3 miles long at the local patent office. Methinks everyone from the dance studio is getting some moves patented so that they are the ones with the 'stock routine'.
I was half expecting an AMD Fusion one this year but Samsung has beaten them to it. Apple have this thing about being the first to certain features. Not so with copying stuff from those awful non upgradeable 'throw away netbooks'.
Surely Apple has it stated in all of their contracts that innocent sellers do not have monetary gain from a fraudulent purchase. Thus it's hardly a niggle.
In law a 'public witch hunt' can sometimes have the reverse effect. 'Fair' is very ambiguous non technical term. Some may think it fair to sell a $200 Windows license to third world workers living on a $ a day.
It's monotonous hard labour which makes 60 hours hard. And a majority 'get persuaded' to do more than a standard 60 hours.
A wise move. It is similar to Apple delaying the release of mid devices/larger iPhones. There is always that danger that a mid device negates much of the need for having a tablet and a phone. They all may arrive when it becomes certain that Apple have little choice in the matter.
The iPad and iPods are not computer's in the traditional sense so the real IOS competition is in similar devices from the likes of Sony and Nintendo. Size is certainly deceptive and calling the iPad a computer certainly does attract controversy. If we define a computer in the consumer sense then the Vita, Xbox and PS3 and DS are likewise.
High quality is only readily available on CD. Not promoting quality by making SACD disks available at the same price as CD has both destroyed trust in the music industry and heavily promoted piracy.
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