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Whatever next, tablets with keyboards?
I guess it means all your existing IOS email apps are dead men walking or even have to be removed. Apple look to have killed off the computing industry the way this is going. Pegasus mail got there years and years ago.
Great, they are just f******g around with the rules again.
CashAmerica obviously also recycle if pawn shopping
ARM own the IP for the processors Samsung and Apple both license. No ones stuck with anyone. It is pie in the sky whether Apple has skilled up to emulate that Samsung design licensed from ARM.
It looks like they need a 'standby deal' until we also get Samsungs upcoming fabs. Is the Texas fab expansion now considered high risk or do Samsung have problems with any of their upcoming ones? If you do not mind the pun investment in America has the enhanced danger of a side swipe. Intel initially did extremely well with its Apple deals but history now shows this counts for nothing. Any deal with Apple can only ever be short term.
Good news. Its been cancelled.
"The unsubsidized full retail price of a 3GS is $375. I doubt they'll be able to shave off $175 in production costs." You will no doubt find the same Chinese contractors contracted to make more modern phones for $50 a pop.(Chipset $5, battery $1, screen $10, case $1. etc etc). Even the very latest quad core chipsets cost less than $25.
The iPhone 5 means they will heavily promote 2 phones with the 4s reducing in price next year. A massive reduction in some market shares means reduced prices are a certainty. So it is not if, but when.
Yep, its the same rumour every single year. There will be millions sitting in the production warehouse. Releasing them to the despatch warehouse is certainly done to formulae.
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