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http://www.apple.com/environment/ Best to read it while you can? "be as energy efficient and recyclable as possible." 1 out of 2 ain't bad.
I would think this now means that all United States Federal agencies will stop buying Apple products.
 Certainly not.But the faster they move to 100% non user serviceable products means they guarantee impressive long term income even after any decline..
You might just find that the Macbook Air is a collaborative Intel design. It is obviously more profitable to collaborate and sell to Apple first. The fact that Ultrabooks are so similar hints that this is very much the case. Considering Galaxy Tabs and iPad are incredibly dissimilar compared to an ultrabooks and an Air, it is credible that both designs are Intel.
Yup, the do some clever stuff Apple. I mean, even Golden Master Status has more than a touch of brilliance.
Rumour has it that Acer has come up with a certain safe product. They have made a teak table for Macbook users. They have even triple checked that there is no wood or even pips in any Apple products.
A brilliant move of course removing all products from the register. There can be no drip drip of complaints when it gets to the day when Apple can prove they have not one screw loose. You don't need to be highly clued to know Apple's future is all glued.
Why on earth would any manufacturer want to help make last years product repairable? This is just logical from a business stance and as long as the custom keep coming in thick and fast they ain't bothered.
The SOC is mainly Samsung design. It just happens Apple now have a naming license. Samsung now use 32nm so obviously its 32nm and far less likely TSMC 28nm. As mentioned this battery thing is bad for the user who loses through enhanced lack of choice.
"The difference between Apple and Google regarding your data is that Google uses it with third parties to make money and Apple keeps it in house to make money." And obviously Google has to be always better in order to make money. Most chose Google as the search engine for its high accuracy. In nature it is usually losers who lack choice.
New Posts  All Forums: