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There is a slight problem with all of this. In Britain, because Apple ignored a judgement as if it never happened Apple have to headline on their front page for 6 months "Samsung did not copy Apple'". So if we get different judgements depending on which country we are in this could end up as a trade war.
Seems to me Judge Koh is in danger of becoming yet another victim of Apple's scorched earth like policy.
All a fake to show how easy it is to fool the press. Obviously if you wanted to doubt the story you would have to bring Apple's use of glue. So it was always a sticky subject for the positive press.
Zoom in folks, Apple pinched it.
Uhu, we all knew it was phoney or just another 'blank draw'.
You do realise that Apple had no email retention policy. Managers are relied on to back up their own emails. It is not hard to wonder why though for the worlds biggest earning tech company it is mighty fishy. The multi billion high tech and with has no automated back up system. I can guess why!
Apple want it 10 fold in their favour which is normal. Obviously there can never be any agreement if it is just them, it is just not Apple.
What is it with these dumb ass advertising headlines? It is still rent to buy so I'm not going along with these con like headlines.
We have similar rumours at every release. There is something contagious about joining queue so every little helps.
It makes it sound like AMOLED is becoming price competitive. The low supply could prove quite useful for Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: