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"The difference between Apple and Google regarding your data is that Google uses it with third parties to make money and Apple keeps it in house to make money." And obviously Google has to be always better in order to make money. Most chose Google as the search engine for its high accuracy. In nature it is usually losers who lack choice.
Jobs had conversation about technology. Surprise surprise. The 'Corporate Apple' come across to me as agnostic and could be accused of being both extreme right and extreme left in their business strategy.
I seem to learn something new every day here. I just would never in a month of Sundays have guessed that all hands are an identical size.
Expansion of choice is always good so hopefully users get to choose. However I hope Apple is at least caching OpenStreetMap rather than just free riding.
So a Forest Gump famous screen quote is "life was like a box of chocolates you never know what sort of screen you would get"
It is supply and demand. Consider that it would only take 6 months or so to add capacity for major orders there is no demand. Supply is certainly there otherwise there would certainly have been no Sony Vita.
It is stating the obvious that the current iPad 2 competes with the new iPad so 'it's gotta go'. This is also a major opportunity to cut costs to something more 'Mini'.
Obviously they will not discontinue the 17" Macbook Pro. It sits awkward in the portfolio due to its higher mark-up so expect it to be re-positioned in pricing.
With everyone being 'fluffy feely placately ' I am going to throw caution to the wind and say that the current 17" offering is a rip-off on price.
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