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It is stating the obvious that the current iPad 2 competes with the new iPad so 'it's gotta go'. This is also a major opportunity to cut costs to something more 'Mini'.
Obviously they will not discontinue the 17" Macbook Pro. It sits awkward in the portfolio due to its higher mark-up so expect it to be re-positioned in pricing.
With everyone being 'fluffy feely placately ' I am going to throw caution to the wind and say that the current 17" offering is a rip-off on price.
Even with Apple demand is certainly dictated by price. For laptops use primarily as a home desktop replacement 17" is a prime choice.
So, is my hand is too small for this one?
Swiped it did they not?
Everyone of any worth has agreed for days that Dr Web is right. Some readers have a tendency to be dated.
Its certainly only a matter of time until Apple 'sees the light'.
Samsung are certainly supplying enough demand, in fact if delivery is now only 5-7 days they ahead of demand. With others sticking to lower resolutions it is certainly cost effective to stick with the one supplier rather than have minor but subtle variances from each supply chain. Anyway, its all made up. What do we/they know?
An interesting and far reaching interpretation.
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