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128GB SDXC ultra fast cards are already available but even Android tablet makers do not like these.
Methinks consumers are hitting shark infested waters with cherry picked negative headlines now being the norm.
The iPod touch uses a budget screen and even the 4S one is not up to iPhone 4 standard. So switching te iPad 2 to a budget screen may well coincide with a price drop. Obviously it won't be $300, at least not unless the iPad 3 is a big and different 11.6" We like our 99c apps so too many would choose the $300 iPad versus the $500 iPad. Not good business so $400 is certainly the price. However, if the iPad 3 screen is also very cheap too, then $400 and $300 is...
If that Fire was selling at $150 then it might have made a loss. Many $100 Cortex A8 capacitive tablets are now available offering more. So it might be considered very bad housekeeping by Amazon to make a loss on a $200 sale. The most interesting event so far this year is certainly the Playstation Vita. Unless Apple has got it's actual together this Vita CPU will also be in the iPad 3. So now we have a dedicated games device that can also be a smartphone. The...
The skill from Apple with the TV was actually removing the APP functionality. Mystique is important for phone sales and more importantly price maintenance.
Fox is important for democracy. Their audience are the easily manipulated foot soldiers of life. If it's not them doing it it could be someone worse.
Apple are wrong footing the opposition with every release. If these panels are as cheap as rumoured they can reduce prices of the iPad 2 and even switch displays on those too. It's still an Apple which is what matters.
I'm going along with this rumour. It really fits in with Apple claiming that technology lead is not the most important aspect so if it cuts costs, increases profits and offers something unique 'I'll buy it'.
With the lack of any positive advance marketing by Sharp one must assume this is deemed an acceptable resolution/cost gain for Apple. Thus there will be high resolution screens at low prices and an acceptable quality and more importantly something unique to sell. That is assuming the truth of the matter. It is not beyond Apple to seed stories as a path diversion for news seekers. With Apple obviously choosing to wind down other relationships there has to be some...
With high quality Apple could offer a 3 year warranty as standard anyway. They probably already make 600%+ more profit per item than anyone else.
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