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This is a good opportunity for other players to start offering map services. More competition means better map services.
Much fuss about nothing. We all take anything Apple says with a pinch of salt.
So they are simply copying google goggles for a specific use. A nice idea appreciated by the delinquent type I'm sure.
The deal with free apps is advertising. This simply means developers will find it harder to make money and it is likely Apple are using this opportunity to gain more monetary control.
"We were not able to replicate the same temperatures that Consumer Reports were getting" Well that's an open statement with no qualification whatsoever. Considering they did not mention the games tests it makes it look intended to be quite misleading.
Tax deals are for investment spending. Apple will hopefully take the hint.
I still don't get it. Obviously to use multi-suppliers they have to lower the bar down from best quality. However for pixel density, if this is top end then it is not IPS which has a much higher density already.
Maybe it is a IPS panel, but "a-Si TFT is said to test the upper limits of display technology" seems quite bizarre considering the iPhone has far higher DPI on its IPS screen.
So its likely to be a 'good enough' TN panel. I imagine the higher resolution will make it the same cost as superior IPS panels. Until today almost no one had heard of a-Si. So 2+2 means it must be technical code for 'whatever you do, don't mention TN'.
Never give a sucker a dime. At least Apple stay true to form.
New Posts  All Forums: