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It is slightly disconcerting that this could be part of a tit for tat battle that only costs users.
United we stand divided we fall. Time will tell.
Seems to me 1280 x 960 would be a more usable format. Can't we just have improvements we more need?
A badly worded article in that it makes it sound like a daily 'Oliver Twist' ritual.
If voice ads are more lucrative then they need to join the party. Phones are becoming a mature product so with saturation getting close, voice ADS become a necessity.
Obviously the more you make the cheaper the item cost. It certainly helps the bottom line.
The problem is that they also lost the lucrative High Rollers.
The beauty of the internet is that Ads can be better targeted so no doubt SIRI voice ads will do very well in the future.
"Apple has argued that by using standards-related patents to "harm or eliminate competition," Motorola and Samsung are seeking to gain an illegal monopoly." The other Apple and namely the Beatles were obviously influenced by Buddy Holly. It is certainly not sweet music when the computer industry tries to stamp out creativity.
It is certainly a problem for all media companies these days. They support a format by bringing their content. It is a whole new world where it is they who take all the risk.
New Posts  All Forums: