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Pass the parcel may suit Apple who obviously may have to pay $10 per iDevice too. $10 ain't a lot compared to the near $600+ they get per iSmart user.
Apple have been having a bit of bad press of recent. So considering Siri was culled for the iPhone 4 but it is obvious that it is still there. So hitting the ON switch again would improve their situation.
I'm not quite sure if the discussed 'iPhone boys are easy money' is meant as a compliment.
Fire type devices are logically $99 items when compared to $200 Netbooks. Quality non Intel $300 netbooks make the $200 Fire quite bad value.
One would think it was to use Kindle friendly Mirasol though the voice comment seems irrelevant.
"Scattered reports" Nice one, the thieves certain did scatter! "But OMFG I recall I emailed messaged my bank details!" Liability now certainly comes into it.
By the same line of reasoning any smartphone becomes unusable. Obviously software simply needs a size setting and why we can still get by with small smartphones. I wonder how those using Opera Mobile or Firefox find it.
It would change things if it was true but it is not. I'm allowed to review anything I want. When all said and done, a review reflects two ways. Thus you often have to expect to be deceived in what is said. It is very much how the web is.
It's not Apple's fault that they are 'too big to sue'.
Obviously putting anything into print is always liable to leak out. It works both ways though so if you praise your employer you are this classified as corrupt. Lower down the ladder it is usually safe to verbally comment between mates. Doing so on-line or via email, even privately it is obviously going to exist long term and that so called mate may not be so.
New Posts  All Forums: