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No, the Irish declared income is small. APple are using a Dutch Irish trick so most of their income has zero corporate tax. That means they paid zero UK and German tax instead of 21% and 30% respectively. It would be sensible for the EU to more than claw this back on behalf of the countries concerned.
'Apple rode to riches totaling $137.7bn in offshore cash with the help of the Irish taxpayer'. You do get the feel that the lucky Apple Irish deal shat on the whole economy of Europe. When you get 3rd world tax incomes you become third world, which is maybe the way Europe will now head. There is a call for lower corporate tax rates but when companies lie Apple pay something like 0.2%, that topic is smokescreen for the reality of this economic disaster. Interestingly...
They are showing that it is less bendy than the iPhone 5, of which there seem to be thousands.Seems a bit strange none of us knew that it is unwise to put the iPhone in your pockets until now.
They forgot the temperature test. Say it has just been used or the user have a rush of blood down their, what force bends at body temperature 37C ?
Well, I think they want to keep something back for fall 2015.Likely then we get to have 2 browser tabs staying 'live'.
Unapparently Sony took up the quota for the year when they put 3GB of RAM in the Xperia Z2.When Android L arrives, users can sell 1GB of theirs to Apple users.
"With the iPhone 5s, Apple moved from 1 Gb of 32-bit RAM to 1 Gb of 64-bit RAM. " Yes, the great Apple illiteracy training program has no limits.
Using mobile DDR 4 would prevent another new truth manta becoming the norm. We all just fed the bull some RAM. The horses have the trotts as per usual. When there is a problem we send the people to be retrained in 1GB RAM appreciation. And obviously that retraining machine also acts as an Orgasmatron.
2GB of Ram would have allwoed proper multi-tasking and even 2 or more tabs to be actually running in the web browser. Heavens forbid, we could have even had a desktop mode setting in Safari. I guess there is always 2016 or 2017 to think of.
But how does it compare to its inspiration, the Galaxy S3.
New Posts  All Forums: