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Yes, the pixel count on the HDX will still be 33% higher. Amazon copied the Nexus 10.
Strange, I find DisplayMate usually seems to concentrate on the bits that makes Apple look better. Where's that steering committee gone to? In fairness to Apple and Displaymate, he did throw in the now dated Nexus 10.
How do they compare to the Retina launch? iPad 4 was a non visible change to the short lived iPad 3 so what is the full data comparing to the real Retina launch of 18 months ago. Sales are not exactly diving downwards but this is a xmas pick me up.
The 5c was destined to do well in the US. Whilst other countries people commonly buy their phones , and shop around for $15 to $50 contracts, the US instead mainly has an expensive rent to buy system. Obviously the 5c might save $5 in rental.
Phew, making it the same price as the current Retina iPad will do profits nicely. That apparent panic change of plan from keeping the same basic design could in fact turn up trumps.
What came first, the chicken or the egg? Whilst everyone is hatching history it is still more than apparant that most of those 5c sales were in fact channel inventory.
"I just deleted their App from my iPad. I recommend others to the same." See what I mean. Any threatening letters sent from Somalia received yet?
"It's articles like the one in USA Today that are responsible for the proliferation of this negative perception. " Seems high risk for USA today. Most of the money seems to flow the other way. Smackdowns are the norm too so it is either brave of just plain foolish.
Was there ever a time when news was not silver spoon sped? Inventing percentages without actual numbers can have many a meaning. It is just as bad as counting 5c's stuck on mall shelves as actual sales.
Yes, a bigger phone next year. They certainly gain more sales this way. Choice will only dilute things. Doing it this way they may find they also want next years model. And the next etc etc etc.
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