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Nuance has a major major problem. As soon as they leave the Apple fold, reality will strike, though maybe they got mugged so leaving is a given.
The problem for the EU is that if these companies like Starbucks continue to be allowed to trade, the whole tax regime folds. They need to get serious. Interestingly, because of the large scale tax evasion a good percentage of the UK population rightly boycott Starbucks. The reason being that Starbucks undermines the UK economy.
The 2% is more myth than fact.It is more like 0.25%.
This appleinsider write-up does somewhat look like it is lobbying on behalf of Apple.
So it was back in March that this all happened yet talks were meant to be taking place recently. Weird, though that Foss Patents guy played a big hand in the whole story.
I quite imagine, but for the fact that this is loose change to Apple, negative publicity would have had them pull out of the deal. 3.2 down to 3 is a very very minor revision.
Seems a reverse method of banning others using float like devices. If you can't beat them one way, ban them some another way. I guess it would have been obvious if they put the shutters up on the camera via a patent.
Leak of discussion leak followed by a leak of inflammatory comments. Methinks there was no real discussion, just marketing.
Apple have always been willing to settle. But have you seen the price?
It would be versatile if it worked cross platform. If users were more slow to adopt iMessage would by now have adapted to the real world.
New Posts  All Forums: