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The prospect of a 4.7" 1280 x 720 in 2014 is quite hilarious. I supposed by removing 48 pixels of 768, at least you can't say it is modelled on the 2012 Nexus 4.
What screen resolution is the A7 phone got? I'm not quite sure what I can physically do with 64 bit.
I assume GPS now works in airplane mode. Or is this just marketing considering its a bit like the co-processor in Tegra 3 and 4 and many other chipsets. I also think the Kindle tablet has 2 Cortex M3 for a sort of M7a and an M7b.
The most important part is that it creates an exclusive, both for Apple and for their new coming gadgets. This means exclusive new software and a needed transition by customers over time, thus creating eventual necessity of a purchase upgrade. The fragmentation aspect as always is irrelevant. Non fragmentations causes problems of its own doing.
US corporate cash? I thought much of that cash originally belonged to those stupid suckers in the UK. Taxing thoughts.
BTW Big.little is just a variation of 'companion core'. Tegra 3 has it, the Kindle HD has it. Tegra 4 has it. Exynos big-little is just a very high specification variant.
I'm not sure of the reason for dissing the UK press considering the UK is one of the very few countries where Apple has decent market share. What I am finding interesting is the implications of the iPhone 5c non sale sales disaster. With as few as 9% of buyers wanting the 5c, can Samsung supply enough 64 bit chipsets to satisfy the increased 5s demand?
It is politics, that is all that we seem to have left in tech these days. The A6 made the best of old technology yet because Apple used it, it was declared better than the next generation ARM chips. Now we have Apple at 64 bit, suddenly the next generation is once again fine. Funnily enough, moving to 64 bit might put existing 32 bit users on borrowed time, at least on the more proprietary systems.
Of course it is a Samsung part. Leaving Samsung will mean acknowledging that the current designs are far more Samsung than Apple. Apple chose Samsungs 64 bit for prestige. Obviously the coming 64 bit iPads, low resolution 64 bit Mini ones too, will be Samsung co-designs. Just because everyone needs to say Apple make it, does not mean they have ever been sole Apple designs.
If Apple was ever to leave Samsung it was likely to be with a brand new architecture. As I mentioned earlier this is as much a Samsung design as an Apple design and this is shown time and time again. It just just an advanced variant of the Exynos. Samsung cannot move to 64 bit for Android by themselves but they can obviously profit well from selling their multi layered skills on to Apple. The A6 and A7 are chips are certainly primarily designed much by Samsung but...
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