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Yes, as said it is a step into the future. The beauty here, is that for Apple, if income on the older 32 bit app platform is negligible then they can force move all new apps to 64 bit.
Fact is that Samsung outsources chip manufacturer to alleviate shortfall in Apple orders. And considering Samsung were first out and ahead with the A15/A7 designs it would be easy to speculate Samsung gave Apple exclusive time window for their 64 bit production. Doing similar to what Intel did with Apple could well suit Samsung. With 64 bit being no gain to existing smartphone users, its hard to envisage a fast open source led move to 64 bit. Here it is going to be...
Bad timing. Can they not postpone until a decent high resolution one arrives?
"A two-year guarantee applies for the sale of all consumer goods everywhere in the EU. In some countries, this may be more, and some manufacturers also choose to offer a longer warranty period." It is from EU directive 1999/44/EC.
Yes,it a bit of as quirk of smartphone tech wars that the top end big screen phones also have a higher DPI thus possibly resulting in even smaller text being used.
 Are you also suggesting they ban books? Because your average book worm is likely to need vision correction too.It is just par the course for anyone continuously viewing very small text viewed close to your nose.
Yes, Apple made a pizza of Italy. I do wonder whether they play down/hide that standard 2 year EU consumer warranty again.
"this invention" Hell, it is becoming like some weird sect that wants to put us all in all in a strait jacket. If you say this crap often often does it become true? The way it is all heading, I can really see massive protectionism kicking in. In that, if software gets barred because Apple or in fact anyone else has spent their billions patenting every single little tech idea in their head then I imagine other countries will have no choice but to do a tit for tat ban on...
The news on small screens is that some opticians are reporting a doubling of myopia. This is thought to becaused by small smartphone screens, with the iPhone obviously a major contributor. Interestingly the very restrictive nature of Safari and its permanent mobile mode counteracts that.
A large screen would give people what they want which as we know runs into many a new problem for Apple. That being 'what to sell next year', 'is it a tablet or is it a phone', and 'a sameness with competing Android systems'. So methinks it has to be think small, aim for a lasting uniqueness thus retaining those big profits and longer term loyalty.
New Posts  All Forums: