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Leak of discussion leak followed by a leak of inflammatory comments. Methinks there was no real discussion, just marketing.
Apple have always been willing to settle. But have you seen the price?
It would be versatile if it worked cross platform. If users were more slow to adopt iMessage would by now have adapted to the real world.
After 3 years do you really think Apple were even half interested in doing in a fix?
That will always be a feature of the walled garden Apple policy. If you want to interact with the outside world then you should learn before quitting. I guess with Apple interfering with SMS, it could be argued that Apple are intentionally undermining a feature of the more open world. They could have made iMessage more world wide web compatible, but it is really there to compete against 'open'.
Makes sense. A slow creep starting with the 4.7" means that when the big phone comes out it looks less like a capitulation to consumer demand.
Seems it is 4G so it is an Apple whitelisted network.
The good thing about Flash is that it takes the heat off Microsoft Office. Ignoring iTunes, so the day Flash ceases is the day Office likely becomes the worlds most hated software.
What is with Apple using 1000 cycle batteries on laptops and only 300 cycle ones on iPhones? That is less than one years use before the KO approaches for many. That matters little phones with a battery hatch. It just pains.
Yes, that Shuffle is an iTunes stifled low tech option yet still sold well. If anyone else brought it out it would have been laughable. In a similar way Apple does similar with the base iPads. They are limited in Apples inimitable way and stay popular. The iPhone by 'staying as it was' has gone the same way. It really shows consumers simply do not want to have to choose, a very good thing for Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: