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It sounds slightly clueless by the IDC. If Apple competed at the low end then competition authorities would show far more interest. Pricing it high scoops up the cash while staying low on radar. A profit win win to me.
I own this town. How dare you attempt to judge over me, you worthless slob.
Maybe Tim Cook should have used that 'mess it all up' lawyer spin merchant when he just said "Android is like Europe".
Indeed.Even the 4s has a semblance of working fine. Demand in the west for the iPhone 4 is negligible at best
Obviously it is getting harder to accept any free Google advert analysis deal when Apple software always plays up when contaminated. Luckily, other mail app 'just works'.
That is the thing about proprietary, we never get to know all the proprietors. Hopefully it has more of the good guys than the bad guys.
A bit inward looking I must say. Anything new on the horizon?
Sounds a very difficult one for Apple. They are used to a master servant type relationship yet car manufacturers are normally the master. Maybe the reason so many are choosing Android is that they gain enough control themselves to be able to go the Kindle Fire type route if ever need be..
Those 'always on' connected location services rather than more standard Airplane mode GPS services are no Secret Service. Those added beacons mean location services are ultra important to the future of Apple, secret or no secret services. I'm still sort of waiting to see a cursing email when Apple truncated that user lifetime location database on the iPhone.
what happened to webkit fixes for Safari and Chromes inability to go through many a light web site swamp? I'm hoping for a 2nd proclamation from those Apple gods.
New Posts  All Forums: