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"you're forgetting that the iPhone 4S has an extremely costly materials cost due to its use of an additional glass plating on the back" About $1 worth considering they are less than $5 with international delivery on ebay. They were probably a very good investment for Apple too, what with all the store repairs they do.
All guesswork but at least the logic flows better with this one. A big cheap big plastic phone would be too attractive and undermine high revenue sales. And the 4s is acceptable as a contract freebie.
As always it is 'one makes it into the news'. Their report was carefully crafted to upset Apple as little as possible, so if they all get to survive as a developer, then it bodes well for at least a little security monitoring.
Of course they got Apple's blessing. Post malware that is. It looks a near facsimile of Charlie's hack so nothing has changed, Most malware apps will be Mr Hyde.
If they want freedom to shop, there is OS/X, Windows PC, Linux and Android.   The whole world is no monopoly.
Another incongruent rather contrived sounding report. The problem being the analyst has read other reports that are simply technical marketing material rather than bare reality.. If 64 bit, it is likely in partnership with Samsung and may well mean spending money on using big.LITTLE.    The main advantage of course is that like when they dropped the 3G and 3GS, new architecture allows them to more quickly move the 4 and 5 towards becoming obsolete, at least with...
That ain't no patent. This great idiocy is just banning programming. GFYA
Android apps will all self adapt for phone, tablet and Android laptops. So why don't Ipad apps do the same?
Yep, the battery life on the new Nexus 7 is something a stinking like 10 hours of web browsing in full HD. Easily beaten. The new screens use low power LEDS with a very high output.
Final Cut Pro was professional software. Compared to the consumer market you are talking nickel and dime stuff. DId they ever release sales figures?
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