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Obviously a lot to do with quality map systems.
You buy it 'because you can'. Nothing really matters.
The 5c may well turn out to have the biggest profit margin in Apple history. The launch of its competitor the Motorola G built using a theoretically more expensive quad core and next gen FAB process really shows what underlying profit may be lurking. I'm sure China Mobile will accept a bit of profit for itself here.
In Great Britain there seems to be a lot of 'tap for extra info' points around. They are simply cheap NFC tags which proffer info on a tagged item. Quite obviously, that is user participation whilst these are simply a localised, yet maybe Apple centralised, SMS type messages.
Sounds a good way to outdo Google in advertising revenue.
"The one is only still on 7 because Apple won't allow reversion back to 6." Most people like free updates but the 'no going back' cause is simply too totalitarian.
USB is cross platform, Apple really needs a very large Thunderbolt & Lightning Fork to ever become that. So there is no challenge.
Could it be that Blackberry was chosen to allow security services to spy on Obama? RIM were said to have deals with Russia, China and of course US to allow snooping. Reality and perception do not always mix well.
Criminals have always used a 'sucker list' for targeting sales. So I'm not all that sure this is positive marketing.
Yes indeed, it is an ad driven future. Ads + Freemium apps is where it is all at. Bit obviously if you can continue to have your cake an eat it, then those offshore stocks assets are snuggling up big time.
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