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Free stuff is fine. But they cannot compete as it is price + that 30% fee. A win win for Apple.
You seem full of loose bits. 8 of then in fact. The current ARM CPUs are 40 bit.
Apparently, for smartphones 64 bit will become mandatory once RAM gets above 1TB
If suppliers do not agree to the price Apple wants, then they do not get to sell their displays and other wares. Simple stuff.
This reminds me of that recent comment, I think from Foxconn. Maybe they knew about this when they said they would not reduce their prices just to obtain an Apple contract. Were they already gloating about Apple being famous for penny pinching but now shooting itself in the foot? So they were simply far too keen for a Sharp cut price deal.
", where iOS is a full desktop class OS minus " everything PC like.
Unlikely I doubt Samsung could match the low prices of that other technology.
" think we are at the leader group in terms of 64-bit offerings" Yes, but your 64 bit A7 supply contract to Apple no doubt means you cannot expand to 64 bit in Smartphones until Q3 2014.
Yes, quite a puzzle First off we have continually had marketed that Igzo is lower power, especially for static images so why is there no static power draw info? Obviously for reading purposes this is very important. You could almost burn yourself on the old Retina iPad panels so comparison there is not really that sweet. Now the Kindle LTPS is far more expensive to producce and unless I have been suckered by marketing has higher power draw, at least for static...
Yes, the pixel count on the HDX will still be 33% higher. Amazon copied the Nexus 10.
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