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It seems to me that the debate here is so far off what is important … though it may be that I didn't read all of the previous 12,000 posts.   This is a question of thick pad versus thin client notebook modalities.  Both have advantages. The thing is that Apple tries to change the industry by driving specific form factors rather than merely meeting customer requests, so they get behind the curve they start occasionally.  In schools there are uses for both, but obviously...
Just two words can destroy his vain efforts at excoriating  Apple on innovation and risk .....  Apple Newton.
Wow, that may be the most clueless, perspective-lacking and downright dishonest thing I've heard come out of Google since Eric Schmidt walked out of Apple Board meetings with his notes on how to make a phone.
I quite like the gun-metal color and shiny chamfer or whatever that edge is called on the detail photos, but the full shot does look strange and not very unified.  I almost always have mine in a case anyway, so size matters more than color, but it would be nice to have a few kinds of anodized metal - I'd really go for copper!  
"MS...always fresh, always innovating..."     Game, set, match ... years ago.
I haven't gotten Lion yet or joined the cloud, but maybe I will now that I can drive a few hours to pick up my information manually.  It would be nice if they had little USB ports on the sides of the building.   Also, nice to see they used a sunny day to take the Facebook picture.   By the way, Greenpeace is a focused, many times one-dimensional advocate - that doesn't make their claims nonsense, it makes them watchdogs.  Give them credit when necessary and...
Ah, yes, at the top of "new message." Silly me, thanks.
Actually mine is buggy in that I have iWork '08 and there is an annoying "bonk" sound that seems to be embedded in every document I start or open with Numbers. It is as if there is a script or a function that is "illegal" and the app keeps, nonstop bonking so that I have to mute my system to do any work. I took it to the Apple Genius' and they said that it would be almost impossible to find, but just update to the latest version and it might get rid of it. Good retail...
Nothing Earth-shattering, but for the first time in about a year I would like to add some stationary and its gone. Did this get dropped quietly at one point?!
So where is it?!?!!? My current iWork apps are buggy and and I need new ones!
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