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Yeah, but let us see the growth curves on each of those devices. I will say that until the iPad is fully independent of computers, this Fall, then they are not really pc's. They will then be truly post-pc devices and will need their own bar on the bar graph - further lessening the size of the "tablet" bar. My question is ... what constitutes a pc?
I hope you really weren't that surprised. Other than buying Kinect, what new development has MS shown in the last 10 years?
Excellent point, and I hope you are correct. I'm limping along with 4 year old Keynote.
I guess, "Mr. 15 posts," the moderators understand the difference between a casual foray into politics and a stupid, mean-spirited crap load of unfunny and useless hate drivel. Or maybe you just like that kind of thing. You don't have to be pro-President Obama to dislike Rot'n Apple's stupid posts.If you don't like their editorial policies, then maybe you better go back to GretaWire to complain to all of your friends.
Um yeah, we get that arming enemies of our enemies is a bad idea ... that is why this time it has been done differently ... or do you not get it.
Wow, did Glen Beck's amygdala just vomit on this guy's keyboard? It is amazing how the brains of the far right all seem to operate with the same patterns of sweaty anger, delusion and hubris AND that it is reflected in how they write their posts. If libriumforall here actually allowed oxygen to reach his brain, he might understand the balance between the economy and government. He might admit that the government's temporary majority ownership of fewer than 5 corporations...
Cause your an idiot. Go Packers!
The article was a bit over the top in describing a non-commercial use, but it did have the video links and at least I learned something from it. Nokia (or "Nawkia" as Ballmer keeps saying) and MS CEO keynotes are pathetic. What a bunch of PR tripe with no elegance, philosophy or inspiration. It is so disheartening to see people in charge of great corporations have the sophistication of sophomore frat boys in the first week of speech class. Half of success is really...
There you go!! I will dip into FoxNews and MSNBC, but Fareed tonight in about 10 minutes described more about the complexity of what is really happening in Egypt, than Hannity could in a 2 hour special.
Yer dum.
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