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Well, msantti, sadly anything associated - even indirectly - with Fox News deserves the skepticism. If you don't think so fine, but you ain't in a majority.
I agree with your last statement .... but as your boss, you are fired.
I have self-esteem, I just don't feel special.
Yes, they now need to drop MobileMe to <%50/year or watch people drop MobileMe. I have had it for 4 years or so and I've waited for them to make me feel special .... not yet.
I like this and it reflects the one thing that I like about the new MS phone 7 whaterver ... the idea of seeing facebook connections in real time w/o having to open a bunch of apps.
... the day AutoCad left and though some may not have liked it, this is actually big news in my field! This means for many that Mac is really back to stay and the iPad is going to be every engineer and architect's favorite tool.
The iTV becomes the accessory to the iPad ... at the same time that it is its own device.
Very cool animations, Dick, but vaguely unsettling ... I think I saw the face of my grandmother in the smoke of the last one.
I like the surface idea for GarageBand, but when Google came up with its modular way for people to create their own apps, I thought, "That's what Apple would do." In the tradition of Automator and creating your own widgets from webpages, I think Apple should come up with programming for the rest of us. Can iApps be put together like puzzle pieces? It seems that Apple has been doing that with developer environments for a while and while WebOS and Android have been able...
I think on a relative basis it will move up and down over the next several years. iDevices and iApps are ascending now, but I think the Mac will grow once business and enterprise start opening up to Apple even more. Even phones and tablets will plateau at some point and computers will still be necessary. In the past what begins as a computer application, eventually turns into a commodity device - see music organizing and photo editing - but there will always be a need...
New Posts  All Forums: