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That is the point. SENSIBLE. You happen to feel you can judge what is sensible and obviously you don't agree with the DoJ at this point. Fine, just realize that others define what is sensible in a different way ... and my point is that those who actually study the law and follow the philosophical framework of capitalism and government intervention realize that all administrations begin these types of investigations for a variety of reasons. This is a long process,...
How do you know they are not being investigated?
Hey, there is nothing wrong with innovation and creativity ... mr. "one post" bschawla - that isn't the point. This isn't about controlling innovation, it is about kickbacks and illegal business decisions. I don't think Apple should have to worry. I don't think the DoJ is on a witch hunt. I don't blindly believe one newspaper article. I think Ayn Rand was good at writing fiction. I think arm chair capitalists haven't actually studied capitalism. And the government...
You mean the view of being rational? Funny how you think Stumptown is a mecca for government checks, when it is Detroit that is the poster child for free market capitalism. How did that work out? I just happen to acknowledge that capitalism is a great system of economics that needs to be regulated. I also believe that the business community needs someone outside of business to help set and enforce the rules ... do you disagree with that? I appreciate that you can put...
You really ARE ignorant.
And that is the point. Who decides whether the monopolist abuses power?!?!!? You? The public?? That is why there are legal procedures and yes, bureaucracies - people's whose job it is to determine this - fairly and legally. Just because you don't like the government, doesn't mean that they are hurting poor MS or Apple. If Apple can prove it is a legal walled garden, then they will be fine and lawyers will get rich .... but that's living in a free country.
I agree, you have no clue why the Fed would investigate Apple! I think we can all wait until a few more of us actually have a clue.
Finally someone who actually has read Adam Smith. And John Locke, who loved human endeavor as the highest form of liberty (Native Americans and the environment be damned) and thus paved the way for Adam Smith, he also said that freedom only happens when everyone has the chance to innovate and be free. Monopolies are bad for capitalism - they are the bread and butter of mercantilism. The Founding Fathers and the Real Original Tea Party folks, like Samuel Adams, were...
jeesh, you are ignorant.
Al Capone was very successful. Bernie Madoff was very successful. BP was very successful. Roger Clemens was very successful. Should we not pick on them? Maybe you need to redefine the meaning of "success." Last time I looked, it didn't include cheating.
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