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Hey, you lazy anti-government wannabees ... this is called an investigation into illegal activities. That is the job of the Fed. Look at the Constitution occasionally. Even Wall Street and Mom and Pop businesses need to know that possible improprieties will be checked out. If the Feds overreach and play god, then sure, complain to high heaven, but being knee-jerk reactionaries carrying Glen Beck's water is pretty stupid. Sincerely Thomas Jefferson
And the white mockup above looks like Space 1999. I actually like both aesthetics.
SpotOn, as much as you think you understand Buffet and the underpinnings of the financial meltdown, you don't. I like watching CNBC and I am even drawn to their simple philosophy of letting the free market and not conscientious morality make important decisions, but their audience is the investor/CEO class and they are of course even more biased than a general news station. Just listen to Kudlow for 5 minutes and even though I like him and l like capitalism, he is just a...
Two things: 1. I didn't characterize the officers who showed up to Chen's house were a SWAT team. I characterized "unreasonable search and seizure" as a SWAT team going after a stolen ring. I certainly assumed the search warrant was legal, but neither you nor I know what happened in that house. BTW, SWAT teams are not "a bunch of yahoos." 2. I assume that Chen or Gizmodo could be guilty of some intellectual property rights violations, but does it rise to a sufficiently...
Hey, don't throw reality on a good rant! Can't wait for Glenn Beck to ignorantly use it on his radio show and then apologize later on O'Reily.
True but does a SWAT team show up to deal when there is "probable cause" in a stolen ring?! No one disputes police investigations, the point is "unreasonable search and seizure" which is in the Constitution. Now I don't know the details; this article is not comprehensive and intellectual property is a little different than real property, like a ring. But maybe there needs to be a reality check and adequate court oversight when someone finds a lost cell phone in a bar.
Yeah, because we know how well businesses and banks are run .... This actually is how ALL law enforcement looks from the financial end. We pay alot of people top dollar to deal with the 5% of the population that does the most damage. This has nothing to do with government or California budgets - this is the price you pay for a free society that gives rights to people and money to police. Think of how much it costs to imprison someone, execute someone, pay for...
I bet this is more about making sure this company doesn't have this functionality with the iPad and then take that same functionality to a tablet pc version of its software. What Apple should do is simply license the gesture to any application for $1 and make sure it stays an Apple gesture that can not be used on a tablet pc.
The question that this brings up is so important though. Academics is a free market of ideas and business is a free market of products and services. Open source is a free market of both. Each defines value in a different way, with a different "currency" but our legal system still hasn't figured out the best way for these three to relate to each other. Sort of like when capitalism was pushing out mercantilism.
Ah, Rot'nApple ... are you even vaguely aware of how your anti-intellectualism reflects Leninism. Like Glen Beck, you make a virtue of ignorance and blame the "elite" for for its socialist, leftist ideals, yet liberalism is not the problem, authoritarianism is. And blaming Al Gore as being economically biased is dumb if you don't also blame Sen. Inhofe or the oil companies as well. You may like Dennis Miller's sarcasm and I used to like his humor very much, but after...
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