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Exactly, this is version 2.0 (Palm was the beta and iPhone v. 1.0) of a post-desktop-os world. Books will always be around, just like theaters, but information is information, stories are stories, interactives are interactives and they will find a place in this new medium, just as web browsing, emailing and most other tasks become done far from the desktop pc. Books and magazines are the metaphors for new iPad content, not the format.
A straw man is someone or something that you invent yourself ... as if you were making it out of straw, metaphorically. Instead of arguing against a real issue, you create an exaggerated representation of an opinion or a totally made up one that you can attack and look reasonable in attacking it while ignoring the real issue.
Hey "Bobby Business Boy," there are as many variations of "free" market capitalism as countries on the planet and states in the U.S. It isn't something to "believe in" it is a general economic model based upon many (sometimes contradictory) values. There is no problem in regulating it and in calling on those who act as if it the final arbiter of good on Earth - that would be "worshipping" it. Look at all the Ayn Rand crowd who are on their every 20-year upswing, and...
So why doesn't Apple go to these things?
That is my point. My mom DOESN'T use computers. MS and Dell and even Apple have been making plenty of money, but that is because most people HAVE to use the same operating system that the CEO of Ford, the geeks on this forum and the IT departments of every corporation of the US uses. Windows and Macs make money because mom's don't really have a choice in anything else - do you think they'll be running Linux boxes? My point is that if they can do everything on an iPad...
Actually I don't think so. If it did, my mom could figure out Windows.
Nicely said and as with what Tekstud said about the over 60 crowd, I think it will finally be the non-techies who drive the market.
So you are saying that the iPod and iTunes Store are a hobby like the ATV? I think what unimpressed geeks don't get (other than dates) is that most of the world is ready to enter the post-pc world. They don't need a "Start" button to launch an email application, they barely need an os let alone an email program. They need and want just a simple button that shows them emails and lets them easily reply and add stuff to emails. That's it. The same with music and video. ...
As demonstrated by you use of language and lack of censorship.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustReelFilms The way I see it is it's becoming more of a content platform and less of a computer.Of course! It is the first post-os computing platform with keyboard capability. That is the point. A different paradigm for computing for the "rest of them." Not us. This is pretty obvious folks.
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