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Now that the MS knock-off store has been open a while, I'd like to see if it has closed yet! Has anyone been to that store? Who goes there? Of course I'm not interested in it, but like at a car accident, I can't help but be curious.
I think this is the real market. My folks don't like computers, they have to use them for email and such, but they don't like them and at least 30% of the population is there. Give them a keyboard when they need one, but easy touch screening for everything else and barely an OS to get mad at and they will be happy.
Except for C-SPAN, I somewhat agree. My point is network news and CNN (except for disaster reporting) are lazy and bland and targeted to the least common denominator. MSNBC and FOX News are targeted to the most uncommon, polarizing denominators. Yet not all cable news shows can be painted with the same brush. MSNBC has Pat Buchanan as a regular commentator. Pat Buchanan! A past Republican party candidate and strongly and honestly conservative in almost every way. ...
Thanks for the thoughtful reply. But here is what I think. The country is not center-right, it is center-center - by definition. It is "center-right" when it comes to low taxes, gun ownership, and national defense, even though that is mostly marketing since there are more ex-military in congress who are Democrats, than Republicans. But the country is center-left when it comes to the environment, progressive tax structures, social security and distrust of banks and big...
Yes, but how would Apple distinguish these and would developers feel bad that their apps became widgets? It would create two tiers of applications that may be good functionally, but not for marketing.
I know, the sad thing is that I'm sure you are not twelve. 90% of people in the news lean democrat, not "leftist" - and actually the number is 70%. Does that make them any less reliable to America, than the possibility that 70% of the military is republican or 80% of Wall Street is republican or that 70% of catholics are democrat?!?!? What do those percentages say to you? And have you ever wondered why journalist might lean democrat? Have you thought for a moment longer...
How many simultaneous apps do people really need?!?! I can see the tablet needing this kind of power, maybe, but if you need more than 3 or 4 apps going on your iPhone, you need to slow down and save yourself that midlife heart attack.Agreed. So you are saying most iPhone apps need to be widgets, not apps. Seems simple enough. C.[/QUOTE]
I respect what you've written and I know many decent people who watch FOX News, but I also know many doctors and nutritionists who eat at McDonald's. I have some conservative views and some liberal views, but in no manner can you say FOXNews is in any way equivalent to C-SPAN or CNN. FOX News isn't bad because they lean right-wing, they are bad because they get great ratings by catering to four emotional/intellectual/spiritual frailties that humans indulge in: ignorance,...
Yeah, and now I can't wait for those telcos to buy the politicians necessary to finish the job on the FCC and give us a consumers paradise at the teets of our corporate overlords. Thanks Supreme Court.
Excellent, but how long will it be before that joke no longer makes sense.
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