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You are wise Dlux. Nothing is free and the more "free" it seems the deeper the true costs are hidden. I don't think the future will be built on subscriptions, though. These are onerous with cell phones and cable companies and will be difficult to reproduce in the search wifi world. But maybe siloing will happen where mobile devices, access and search features are all bundled in a cohesive whole and you end up having to choose the Google/Sprint/Ad? universe or the...
Kind of like when right-wingers can't help whining about the superiority of their own ideology as they revel more in upsetting left-wingers than actually saying anything cogent themselves ... FOX News, not FOX, has decided upon an ideological approach to news editing and promotion. Newspapers in a century ago did the same thing, so they have plenty of precedent from which to draw. Unfortunately studies have shown those who use FOX News as their primary news source...
No, Reaganomics was about deregulation to the point of a Wall Street meltdown.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWen53eqmJo
Sounds like a few of you need to stop by the nearest community college for some refresher courses!
That should be the new answer that Microsoft gives to any question about future tech ... "You'd have to ask Apple."
There is a difference between "innovating" and "coming up with new products." I teach leadership for change classes and I will use this video in class to discuss the difference between a visionary and an MBA. Business people, like Wall Street traders, tend to see what they want to see and what they expect to see ... commodities. They could be building and selling parsnips, pliers or ICBM's and the same mental and creative process would happen, because the same business...
A DVD case is the perfect size to me.
good points!
I actually like the "book" format of the Courier (pretend MS design). For me a slate is okay, but I would rather have two smaller screens to do research and take notes while reading, than one big screen that has to be windowed or is all or nothing. Now the slate is better for just books and movie watching, but I'm more interested in using it to do work or be creative without the need for a keyboard .. and only occasionally watch a movie.
New Posts  All Forums: