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It appears that before any real evidence materializes, or before the actual crisis is over, our choices in which to lay blame are: a) George W. Bush b) The racist George W. Bush administration c) The oil loving environment hating George W. Bush administration d) The all around incompetent George W. Bush administration or e) all of the above
MAKE DONATIONS These are places that allow you to donate online. The procedes will go to the victims of Katrina: Network For Good - Has links to tons of organizations involved in the effort. Baton Rouge Area Foundation A foundation in Baton Rouge. More to be added...
It is now being reported that the size of the disaster area is the size of Great Britain! That's approx. 83,698 Sq. miles. That's a bigger area than my state of Florida.
I didn't say it wasn't slow. I say it was not purposely slow. You see the difference? And no, I didn't know exactly what you meant. Thank you for being clear.
You recall incorrectly. sir - if not outright lying. the thread:http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...threadid=47614 the post:So I was commenting on the possibility of riots happening as a result of racist accusation by Sharpton and Kerry. Care to update you errant post?
What's that? Another hurricane? Another large scale catastrophic event? You do realize this is going to turn out to be the worst and most expensive event in this county's history? We can only plan for what we know. This this is so huge that no one government entity can be prepared for it. Think about it for a few moments. Please.
So you have no plans to stop with the racism charges. Very well. Say hello to giant for me as he is also on my ignore list. BTW weathly blacks left behind poor blacks wealthy whites left behind poor whites. Everyone that got out before the storm left everyone that didn't behind. You have issues, my friend. Good day.
Hardeeharhar. You are wasting your time and effort trying to pin racism on anyone in this thing. Noone here wants anyone to suffer like they're suffereing - black, white, yellow or purple. The hurricane did not target NOLA because of it's high concentration of blacks or poor or any combination thereof. For you to suggest that (and you are ultimately suggesting that) is a primitive kind of thinking. Immagine what good you could accomplish with the energy and...
Let me know if you need anything, there. I don't know how I can help personally, but I can try. Keep us updated.
I'm sorry. I am just so sick of people crying racist at any given opputunity. I think it is extremely out of place right now. I am very passionate about that, but I will try to keep civil.
New Posts  All Forums: