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I've never missed the optical drive on my Thunderbolt Air, not once.
Well duh sales were lower than the weekend in which two new Mac models were released, especially at the Mac mini's low price-point.
I'm glad the update will be free. I love Pages for the templates and styles, but Word has better image handling and I am one of the biggest Ribbon fans out there.
Good thing I talked myself out of buying it yesterday.
The 11 inch MBA is an ultraportable though, which means that I can't see many people using it as a primary computer without increasing the SSD capacity. I know a lot of music teachers that use Macbooks to record auditions to that simply won't be able to function without more space. I guess they'll need to pick up refurbished MBP's.
Apple has the highest profit margins of any PC manufacturer. The Macbook is being profitably sold for $899 to students right now. If they wouldn't make money at $799 I'd be shocked because: a: 1280x800 13 inch screens are not expensive to manufacture b: Using an i3 would remove the need to also have a 320m (I could be wrong on this) c: 250 GB harddrives are dirt cheap d: Apple has mastered the production of touch-components for trackpads e: It's made out of plastic I know...
Looking at the Apple website the Macbook Pro and iMac outsell the Macbook. The White Macbook needs to adapt to survive. Whether or not it's true, to many people the iPad is the "affordable Apple computer". If the Macbook Pro Aluminum drops to $999 next year with Carbon Fiber MBP's taking the higher price points, then there is little reason for anyone to buy a Macbook.
I'm looking forward to the Playbook occupying a bargain-bin.
Microsoft was right. Android's legal woes will cost far more than licensing fees. Attack of the irony!
I know this sucks for jailbreakers, but thank goodness that .pdf exploit has been fixed.
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