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OTOH, Mountain Lion was introduced in July 2013 (superseded in Oct 2013 by Mavericks), while Vista was introduced in Jan 2007 (superseded in Oct 2009 by Win7).The Windows and OSX worlds don't get equal treatment here, not by a long shot.
AppleTV getting HDMI-CEC support is HUGE news (they should have done this long ago). Instead of having to use a box to switch inputs to the TV, CEC allows the AppleTV to be the command center of it all, notwithstanding the fact that the wiring is star-shaped with the TV itself as the central hub.Switching an input device on, may (usefully) tell the TV to wake up and switch to that input. However, switching off a device is NOT supposed to make the TV sleep (and it often...
Apple is not in a hurry to rewrite all their libraries in Swift. They need to remain compatible at the run-time level. But for new stuff Swift will undoubtedly be preferred. The beauty of Swift is that it covers high-level as well as very low level programming. What we also see, is Objective-C getting features that make it play better with Swift.
Maybe the new approach will counter the trend that most software (AND DOCUMENTATION/TUTORIALS) is iOS-only.   Many frameworks or libraries are being developed that often rely unnecessarily on iOS-only functionality. E.g., UIKit and AppKit have a lot in common, yet contain enough differences to make "porting from iOS to OSX" a PITA (or PITN, if you prefer).   I do hope, from now on, with (paying) iOS developers having easier access to the OSX "ecosystem", they will...
An optimistic guidance is good for Wall Street. It will just be easier to be disappointed, especially when growth will be just below guidance.
Time for Apple to stop using Samsung chip production. That will hit them where it hurts most.
You make a very valid point here.The contracts (or plain stupid restrictions and oversights) are also getting in the way of full access, and, big time, that is.E.g., when travelling in Spain, I can't download iOS apps from public transit companies SPECIFICALLY MEANT FOR TRAVELLERS, because my AppleID is not Spanish (but Belgian, which is also in the EU). (In fact, preventing the free flow of services in the EU is illegal). For those particular apps, I suspect the cause is...
The graduation ring re-invented!
So true.Data roaming should NEVER cost more than the sum of the normal charges from the local operator and the charges from your plan.And that is BEFORE negotiations between operators start to lower the prices for international (and, why not: national) data roaming get started. And, by the way, European roaming (I am mainly interested in data roaming) will only be free AFTER 2016. In the mean time, European operators are still conspiring to charge near-criminal fees for...
Interestingly formulated: "risk their jobs being different". However if those IT workers were secretly using Macs at home, they wouldn't feel so threatened by that "difference". The real threat to their jobs is that Macs generally require much less maintenance, and Mac users often manage their own machines.
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