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The graduation ring re-invented!
So true.Data roaming should NEVER cost more than the sum of the normal charges from the local operator and the charges from your plan.And that is BEFORE negotiations between operators start to lower the prices for international (and, why not: national) data roaming get started. And, by the way, European roaming (I am mainly interested in data roaming) will only be free AFTER 2016. In the mean time, European operators are still conspiring to charge near-criminal fees for...
Interestingly formulated: "risk their jobs being different". However if those IT workers were secretly using Macs at home, they wouldn't feel so threatened by that "difference". The real threat to their jobs is that Macs generally require much less maintenance, and Mac users often manage their own machines.
I just wish Apple offered incremental updates for the built-in apps in legacy versions of iOS. At least security updates or fixes for crashes, e.g., Safari on iPad1 with Apple's very own Swift Developer blog page.
@solipsismy 02/11/2015 11:55 AM -- It is revolting to everyone with an engineering / exact science (hi school?) background, when you talk about 280 MW per hour. Please learn your units (Watts express power, WattHours express energy, W/h makes little physical sense). Anyone who doesn't know his/her units is unable to participate in a precise discussion involving numeric results. A correct question to ask would be whether these 280 MW refer to peak power (probably), or some...
One of Google's strategies is to trick iOS users to download their apps from the iOS appStore, e.g., by highlighting and putting in prominent places buttons that achieve this. The button for the logical (and most used) next step is often de-emphasized and put in the wrong place. For example: on the (basically useless) splash page, you have the "download mobile app". When one wants to logout of the gmail web page, the sign out button sometimes is out of sight, and...
I wonder how Power8 could be fitted into the OS X strategy?Do you by any chance think OS X is still being secretly maintained to run on PowerPC-like hardware?
I just hope IBM's new apps will get enough public exposure such that the average home consumer has an idea of what's available. The BYOD effect also emanated from the home user who preferred Apple hardware at home over what the IT people were trying to shove down employees' and managers' throats at work.
The trouble is that some (think Google, NSA) logs are retained for a very long time, allowing retroactive lookup of your entire history, with or w.o. warrant.
1) True enough, my particular situation probably is of little interest, but actually, many Apple users (in particular the ones that own several iDevices) are in the same situation. They may only benefit from the new advances when the time comes that they have to replace their older iDevices.   2) point well taken. For the time being, at least, the appleTV doesn't make use of the iCloud Drive
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