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The trouble is that some (think Google, NSA) logs are retained for a very long time, allowing retroactive lookup of your entire history, with or w.o. warrant.
1) True enough, my particular situation probably is of little interest, but actually, many Apple users (in particular the ones that own several iDevices) are in the same situation. They may only benefit from the new advances when the time comes that they have to replace their older iDevices.   2) point well taken. For the time being, at least, the appleTV doesn't make use of the iCloud Drive
Well, what good is it to have an iCloud Drive on one device, while it'll take years before all my other iDevices will be replaced with new ones so they can take advantage of this feature? I am not that rich to renew my entire iDevice park at the whim of a new software feature that provides no backward compatibility whatsoever with older devices. Pfff. These days Apple seems to focus more on switchers and new customers that on people who actually have many devices which...
I for one am not going to be trapped by migrating my most recent device (a 2013 iMac) to iCloud Drive. Because I will lose compatibility with 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, and one appleTV. Why can't Apple just provide small incremental updates to older systems, in order to *not* *further* *fragment* *the* *Apple* *Ecosystem* ?
Logging everything (and then allowing access to everything with or without out a warrant) is what got us this far. The warrant should only be valid for a restricted period (and should not be retroactive). Otherwise, no cigar. But the mere fact that accessible logs exist poses an enormous security threat and a tempting opportunity for government to break the law covertly.
Flash is dying. This may speed the process up. Yet, there still are lots of mostly-Flash websites around. Worse, some new Flash designs are still being created. The trouble is, all those Flash developers have known this for quite some time, but - Flash is their livelihood, because this is what they know best - They trick their clients into accepting heavily Flash-based web site designs, knowing that at some point they will be asked for an entire Flash-free site overhaul,...
It is somewhat disappointing that Swift leaves the SmallTalk syntax behind. I would have thought that Modern Obj-C take 2 would - resemble F-Script even more (do away with the bracket syntax for messages) - unify base types and classes (in F-Script, every value is an object, but Swift also tries to do this -- we'll see) - provide more developer friendly string manipulation syntax
On EU's behalf I would like to argue that many of the little regulations, some of which appear ridiculous and exaggerated, hence become news items --often out of context--, are part of a bigger plan to unify standards among a wildly diverse collection of nations. Imagine what would happen if products in the US would all be different (and incompatible) between states. These EU nations are playing hard to get when it comes to giving up some of their authority to the EU,...
Big omission: still no scanner sharing. (Apparently being a client to a scanner shared by another machine still seems supported).   Is there any particular technical reason why scanner sharing disappeared from OSX? Does Apple really want us to buy OSX Server? Doesn't seem warranted in a household with 2-3 Macs.
Sounds quite noisy. Why isn't this mentioned? Also, can the green and red lights be turned off? (Think: stealth operation). It would be nice for a drone to use sonar techniques. Then it could also fly itself without bumping into anything.
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