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Big omission: still no scanner sharing. (Apparently being a client to a scanner shared by another machine still seems supported).   Is there any particular technical reason why scanner sharing disappeared from OSX? Does Apple really want us to buy OSX Server? Doesn't seem warranted in a household with 2-3 Macs.
Sounds quite noisy. Why isn't this mentioned? Also, can the green and red lights be turned off? (Think: stealth operation). It would be nice for a drone to use sonar techniques. Then it could also fly itself without bumping into anything.
"...Apple's multinational App Store requires developers adhere to the laws of the territory in which their apps are offered."   Then what's the problem? Apple already has a policy of NOT offering certain apps in certain regions (something I disapprove of vehemently). So it does have a mechanism to ONLY block the app from the countries where BitCoin is considered illegal.   Agreed, there is a risk involved in the use of BitCoin, but if that would be enough reason for...
While they changed the colors to avoid confusion with Lion/iOS6 icons, the icons are immediately familiar and recognizable. They correctly felt not to be influenced by the iOS7 look. (The fact they also kept aqua blue for the Cocoa widgets, either means they are a little behind, or they decided that too gray an interface isn't the way to go -- given that the traffic light buttons in the left upper corner of the windows are rather large, I suspect their main inspiration is...
Google? Only ONCE ! It started when they first had someone on Apple's board, and it hasn't ended today.
For those who wonder what possible interest Google could have in buying Nest :   Simple, they wanted an Android app for the Nest.
Typo !!! With such a well-chosen brandname (which suggest that you can't type correctly on it), I guess they won't be selling too many of these keyboards.
[Sarcasm] Yes, they should. They don't deserve to be in the EU. They try to dominate all aspects of the EU, yet they are slavishly following the US as far as international policy is concerned. They are not very willing contributors to the EU finances. Let them go back to nondecimal currency en nonmetric units. Let them join the US instead. ...Aw, no, they may have to switch driving to the right. BTW, they will continue to speak funny, as can be observed from Brits...
About non-cylindrical extension boxes   For external hard disk storage, one could also add a rather flat and wide cylindrical extension chassis and put *that* underneath the MacPro, giving it an appearance not unlike the Cray-1.   cf. this Cray-1 picture
What the new Mac Pro needs is a flat and wide Thunderbolt expansion chassis, designed to sit underneath the MacPro, so that it looks like the Cray-1 (How appropriate, given its number crunching capabilities) ! cf. this Cray-1 picture A Thunderbolt connector underneath the MacPro to invisibly dock with the expansion chassie would come in handy. Such an expansion chassis would have room for an indeterminate number of expansion HDs, optical drives, even expansion...
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