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The HDMI spec allows one HDMI device controlling another. I don't remember whether that was a required feature
I won't elaborate on the idea, and I now deplore that I already posted more details (of what I think aTV will be moving to) somewhere else, for fear of drawing further attention to what this "cracking" really will turn out to be.But I hope the current aTV with a proper upgrade has enough built-in (silent for now) capabilities to play this role, rather than Apple prematurely replacing aTV2 with yet another aTV3
Certainly, Samsung shouldn't be the one to buy out Kodak.
What if Apple just found a way to actually let its customers produce content that supplants Adobe Flash content? PS in addition I hope the published format will be viewable both from MacOSX and iOS, in contrast with the current ePub format.
Does that mean that all it would take for Apple to allow T-Mobile is a simple iPhone 4S (4?, 3GS?, ...) firmware upgrade?
Interesting to see how prominently Samsung is advertised next to the Windoze logo
I am sure Google has collected enough data with its Streetview fleet that it knows precisely what the market share statistics are for all the router brands.
Blue, purple or pink?
No need for 19in wide blade servers if you would be able to stack a lot of power using a McMini footprint.
Pfff, none of today's items were available from the Belgian store. I just got error messages: this item is not available from the Belgian ITunes Store. Sorry for believing Belgium was in Europe, Apple. Is this a bug or is it intentional ? Whose legs are you pulling with this non-promotion? A somewhat deceitful action.
New Posts  All Forums: