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Apple has championed the iPhone experience not being smudged by apps installed by the carriers. With ONE EXCEPTION, namely the tethering configuration in System Preferences. It should be noted that the tethering restriction is carrier dependent. It just plainly doesn't exist in many countries.
... given that all recent macs and any other computers(*) that might include Thunderbolt can be connected to a single connector, waiting to be inserted into *any* portable. As far as versatiliy goes, the physical matching requirements for a single connector are far less stringent than (and hence superior to) those of a physically matching dock (maybe a perfect fit to just 1 laptop or mobile device).(*)Great opportunity for the "others", but are there more compelling...
Very little connection with a companies' health. Only with how eager banks will be willing to lend you money. Problem is: Apple doesn't quite need the banks so much as the others. The "markets" are basically computer programs that anticipate stuff on the basis of what other computer programs might do. Hence the knee-jerk reactions that aren't based on any well-thought-out reasoning (think: understanding of how Apple ticks). I remember well, when Apple was still using PPC...
I sure hope they include a Centronics parallel printer port.
In Europe, we pay approx. €10/mo for a basic package of cable content (not including the internet connection). (€10=$14) at 2 programs per night, that would amount to $6*30/mo=$180 !!!!!
Good thinking.What we need is more choice to better compete with the other"s".7.1 in, 7.9 in, 8.9 in, 9.7 in, 10.1 in, such that the consumers are not "locked down" by the few existing "proprietary" (read: "closed") form factors.And most of all, all kinds of aspect rations, especially the very elongated ones. What a great opportunity to offer even more choice!
I wonder on what body parts he is carrying those 10 phones. They must feel like hot potatoes in his pocket(s), especially when at a distance from the nearest cell tower.
Small difference! The bag of Chili-Cheese Fritos doesn't come with a 2 year contract.
This means the Microsoft world is losing -correction: will never get- its grip on the tablet market.In the mean time, iPads and MacBook Airs are overtaking the netbook (and part of the laptop) market;iPhone quickly takes over smartphone market;Flash is going to crash (in a different way that it did before: on your computer);Quicktime is trumping the Windows Media Player monopoly;...The list goes on and on.Bye-bye Microsoft.P.S.I failed to mention 2 considerations w.r.t....
MacOSX is almost never seen as part of the Unix world, when comparing market share. Why? Because MacOSX blows away Unix/Linux on the desktop. MacOSX doesn't really "suffer" from this fragmentation, does it? In contrast: there are many small players in the Android world, which gives the term "fragmentation" quite different ring. One should notice that the Linux/Android community is trying very hard to make it appear that all Androids effectively form one platform. Luckily...
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