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I suppose he was hoping for a job and didn't get an offer
And it is exactly the low end of the PC market that used to be responsible for the market (and mind) share with price-minded buyers (families and company projects, even schools, on a tight budget). But with the iPad, Apple now is undercutting a large part of that market. Except for the power typists, the iPad more than fulfills the needs of those consumers. Maybe Apple should advertise (and detail) more the potential of using an iPad with bluetooth keyboards. The fact that...
Aren't there any indications that yet another data center will be hiding under these solar panels?
Nowhere I have found a clear explanation of how to set up things such that - purchases of iMac Apps, iOS Apps, even Music make use of the AppleID of the one who controls (i.e., who manages) all those devices - strictly personal stuff such as e-mail, calendars, addressBook, bookmarks make use of a personal ID for each family member. Sharing of (selected, if not most) photos, addressBook entries, movies and music should be possible (easy, really), so the entire family...
Even if the iTunes store would dominate movie sales/rentals, which it doesn't right now, it is not the competition between suppliers that counts, but the competition between and the popularity of productions. Especially good productions will benefit. Sure, the movie theatres may suffer if everybody starts watching movies at home, but the movie industry as a whole can only benefit from the bigger accessibility of movies to the masses. If there is any disequilibrium between...
Especially with the US mains wall plug (featuring two bare flat plates oriented in the wrong direction, instead of sturdy pins, as in Europe), I can't see how a powerbrick capable to power a desktop machine could be sturdy enough so it isn't accidentally knocked off or pulled out of the wall socket.
Webmail interfaces use checkboxes next to each item for lack of select (and highlight) functionality that we are used to in selecting text, selecting Finder/WindowsExplorer items. I doubt that checkboxes would simplify the situation. It is an "Linux-can-also-do-it nerd - include as much functionality as possible - never mind if the GUI is acceptable" approach.
Steve J., in his keynote said:But somehow Steve B. doesn't seem to appreciate the implied[*] connotation of PCs being like (the clunky?) trucks (of these farmers) .[* cf. B&W TV series such as the Partridge Family ]A brilliant comparison, indeed, setting the tenor for PC-market perception at one fell swoop.However, I still believe full-size workstations will remain relevant (with evolving functionality) and necessary for serious design/development work in many areas.
Worded differently (and more pertinently): this only shows how badly the banks are doing (after having erected luxurious buildings and while still paying excessive bonuses -- bonuses, if based on performance should be NEGATIVE now, instead of hugely positive).
The article mentions the need for a contract free iPhone. The author seems to ignore the fact that in several countries the iPhone has been unlocked from day 1 (don't let yourself be pinned down by the US situation only). When I got my 3GS, I just put my prepaid SIM card in the iPhone, and it worked (after registering, I guess). Occasionally, when I expect to be out of range of my usual WiFi networks, I purchase a month's worth of data (€10 for 500MB). My carrier is Base...
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