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Worded differently (and more pertinently): this only shows how badly the banks are doing (after having erected luxurious buildings and while still paying excessive bonuses -- bonuses, if based on performance should be NEGATIVE now, instead of hugely positive).
The article mentions the need for a contract free iPhone. The author seems to ignore the fact that in several countries the iPhone has been unlocked from day 1 (don't let yourself be pinned down by the US situation only). When I got my 3GS, I just put my prepaid SIM card in the iPhone, and it worked (after registering, I guess). Occasionally, when I expect to be out of range of my usual WiFi networks, I purchase a month's worth of data (€10 for 500MB). My carrier is Base...
Well said, MS (for once). Instead of making endless comments (to the -already- converted), let's take action by switching our search engine pref. to Yahoo, or Bing, of all things. If the public awareness of Google getting more and more evil, would pick up, and many people would avoid searching with Google, it would really hurt. Of course, the ultimate weapon would be a Google blocker, because just removing Google from your own search prefs doesn't remove it from all those...
After Microsoft will have spun down most operations in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy, they may be able to survive as a developer for iOS/MacOS. But they also will need to vastly improve on such things as Quality Control, non-spywareness, leanliness (no tons of unnecessary crap) etc., to make it, after this major reorganization. They may even need to fire Ballmer. Buying Skype may be the best investment they ever made, notwithstanding all the negative commentaries
Just hoping thatThe IDE doesn't generate code or offer a graphical library that facilitates non-native flash-like GUI designs. It doesn't require client-side installation of Adobe spyWare/autoStartupWare It will incite designers to no longer design PDFs that run only in Adobe's pdf viewer (requiring the installation of all kinds of Adobe crab (see second item).
It may well be that customers will use a mHDMI-mHDMI cable they already have lying around and will only purchase the cable/dongle miniDisplayPort(or Thunderbolt for that matter) to female HDMI. That way, instead of collecting 2 or 3 times, they will only collect once ! Duh !
They eventually will be pulled from the dumpster and end up on eBay.
Time to abolish all the foolish restrictions that some airlines impose on "electronic devices", even disallowing people to do useful work in flight. Granted, asking for "Airline Mode" for an iPod/iPad is warranted, but anything beyond that is too restrictive. Lots of things, these days are "electronic devices", including pacemakers, wrist watches, digital cameras.
AT&T is equally guilty for being hackable. Being sloppy with people's personal information is not a joke these days, they're used for important stuff. The mere possibility to understand the security system *so well* that it can be easily breached, surely sounds criminal to me. It is true, though, that the hackers have gone out of the normal way to obtain the information. The question is: (i) have they used it for direct personal gain? (ii) have they divulged the obtained...
I severely doubt that iCloud would not provide web space, since a normal website only takes 10s of Megabytes, which is nothing these days. Granted, Apple could encourage the use of web design apps such as rapidweaver and spend its resources on more valuable things than keeping up-to-date yet another web design application. UNLESS iWeb would drastically gain features by cooperating with iCloud to implement features that are inaccessible or infeasible to the competition.
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