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Now it looks more or less decent, but the highlighted tab would be better offset from the other tabs if the contrast would be more distinctive (white lettering instead of light grey) for the hightlighted tab and LESS DISTINCT for the unselected tab(s) (gray lettering instead of black).With the better, updated Lion look, the unselected button(s) may be taken for selected one, in particular when there are only two tabs, a selected one and an unselected one.
I do believe part of the confusion is in the use of words. And many people seem to have in mind different definitions of "tracking". Especially some anal-ists, and the reporting press, may not fully understand some distinctions.If we mean by tracking: - being followed in real time by someone else, that's a serious thing, unless you want to be "locatable" (as on a hike or ski trip)- logging, this may even be more serious, because of the permanent record, and individual...
I suspect, some (most?) people don't want to be tracked SOME OF THE TIME, but they don't really care the remainder of the time. In case they temporarily disable the feature, will there be a record of the gap in time when they didn't wish to be tracked? If so, that could be highly sensitive information, because that would pinpoint exactly when they are up to something fishy.
The article's title somehow wants to imply that, logically, AAPL should be going down badly. Rather, the converse is true. AAPL has been held down by short-sellers, out to make a quick profit, and, strangely enough, it is now even increasing *after* the announcement of stellar results.
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Right. It is easy to quickly come up with a mockup of a featureless (no more buttons, just a screen) phone front with a few icons on the display (just like those stickers on kids' playphones). But that's just vaporware, with the software to be "designed" in much later. Now they're whining they had everything first.
Pff. Many other countries, like mine (Belgium) don't even have an Apple TV available on the local Apple Store. Not to mention the total unavailbility of video content or shows (much of which is produced in the US, so author's rights could be paid using the same mechanism and any agreements that Apple already has in the US) In most countries, the Apple TV isn't even a hobby, it is vacuous undertaking.
A waste of energy. Very unlikely this would fit in Apple's long term strategy. The trend has been (again) to smaller, not bigger keyboards. My concern is, how will they provide the touch interface with an equivalent to "hovering" over something? This is just so natural using a mouse UI (and yet, it is also often over-used for the display of annoying tooltips that pop up blocking whatever you are looking for from view)
By Apple, after other(s) failed.The question remains, will Apple be able to market such a big touch-sensitive display at prices within reach of the average customer? (MS's big-ass table costs an arm and a leg and only seems to exist so they can lure TV news desks into buying one).
If an app displays all its windows on a separate monitor, there is no reason not to display that app's menu in that space. The thing is that the feature you are requesting is only maturing now. In Lion it may become a natural to have multiple menus showing (when appropriate).
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