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A waste of energy. Very unlikely this would fit in Apple's long term strategy. The trend has been (again) to smaller, not bigger keyboards. My concern is, how will they provide the touch interface with an equivalent to "hovering" over something? This is just so natural using a mouse UI (and yet, it is also often over-used for the display of annoying tooltips that pop up blocking whatever you are looking for from view)
By Apple, after other(s) failed.The question remains, will Apple be able to market such a big touch-sensitive display at prices within reach of the average customer? (MS's big-ass table costs an arm and a leg and only seems to exist so they can lure TV news desks into buying one).
If an app displays all its windows on a separate monitor, there is no reason not to display that app's menu in that space. The thing is that the feature you are requesting is only maturing now. In Lion it may become a natural to have multiple menus showing (when appropriate).
It'll take Windows YEARS to catch up and reverse the trend. When it does, and as soon as the reversal has some momentum, Apple will reintroduce more colorful widgets.
Further possible reasons:The Aqua look was very hard to imitate in html.Also, Apple wants its apps to look nice for people used to Windows, adding subtleties to set it apart from Windows apps.Of course, successful interface elements in iOS will migrate back to MacOSX One thing I abhor, and have seen in certain iOS apps is that plain buttons are sometimes used for drop-down menus. There should be enough differentiation between interface elements that have distinct...
Don't expect explosive growth now for the iPhone. Too many people own or will soon own both an iPhone and an iPad. It is only natural that those people will preferably access the web from their iPad, EXCEPT when they are on the road, i.e., when they may not have their iPad on them -- Then they will still use the iPhone.
[B]Lureware{/B] -- Great opportunity for Apple to make a (subtle nagware) Windows client.But what if Apple, of all companies, decided to make such a client one of the optional downloads, available from the QuickTime/Safari/SoftwareUpdate/MacOSXclient installer for Windows?If orchestrated properly, the added functionality to run MacOSX software, including the complete MacOSX login experience, could actually increase interest in the platform, rather than keep Windows users...
Thanks for pointing that out. Sound is essential. Indeed, what is needed for remote operation is that the user has access to all the peripherals, one would expect at an independent workstation.
Graphic designers hate colorful adornments to windows because they detract from the designs they are working on.
The next thing you will see is that apps for Windows will sport brownish colors (just like the best-selling Zune), a color MS already has experience with. Unfortunately, there are other things beside leather that are brown. On a more serious note, leather is also pretty common on the desktop. I have several leather gadgets lying in my closet that were given to me as Christmas presents, that I should have used on my desk: a calender stand, an agenda cover, cylindrical pen...
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