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BUT, the decision may keep some people (e.g., in small businesses) from simplifying a complex unix network by (kicking out e.g., Sun, and) providing the server functionality from MacOSX (referring to NFS here).On the other hand, I vigorously applaud Apple's decision to provide MacOSX Server functionality for anyone, because there are many households with several Macs, and it would certainly make the greater public aware of and knowledgeable about MacOSX as a server....
Adobe's expertise as regards Flash is that they currently have a niche for (granted, short-sighted) developers. But maybe there is no need to entirely retrain all those Flash die-hards. What needs to be done is to replace the generated code under the hood with something non-Flash, such that the expertise of the Flash developers stays in place. Those Flash developers are currently dragging their feet, because they will eventually be able to propose to their clients to...
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Yeah, but the facts remain that the browsers aren't created equal. It's the software team and the development environment that makes all the difference. So let the others prove that they can also do a decent job. Maybe the next thing you will bring up is that Safari (if made available for someone other's architecture) could well be implemented on a Turing Machine. (I know, I know, that's an exaggeration, but I hope you get the point).
You miss the point entirely, so it seems. People also want to have a native look and feel.Maybe this is still partly the case for Windows users (and for Linux users who are trying so hard to live in a Windows-lookalike environment), but it certainly doesn't apply to Mac users.But more importantly, many Flash developers try to force yet another set of GUI "conventions" (and an inconsistent one at that) down the surfer's throat. In fact, one never knows what to expect on...
It is not like all consumers are fully informed or are capable to understand the importance of a proper ecosystem, let alone ease of use. All they care about is: the looks, the price (not so favorable for the Xoom), their PC-loving/Apple-bashing/familyITsupport cousin's advice.
The fact that other brands may have a decreased need of foxconn's resources, in fact FREES production capacity for Apple, something which comes in handy given the expected iPad2 boom. Oh well, the current dip will only make the upswing bigger. Unfortunately it isn't the guys who play it nicely who will be benefiting most.
... is the "Big Apple". How much will they pay New York to acquire control of thát name? Yeah, seriously, what do they need those logos for? Maybe just to be sure there won't be any more litigation...
Seriously, the Smurf game should be banned from the app store, even with the new protection, which I applaud.I really don't understand the gamers who so adamantly defend this game. It is a devious scam. Top grossing but not for the right reasons (too expensive add-ons, misleading). Unfortunately true, but I am just wondering what part of the proceeds have been accidental? I bet with the new relogin policy, they may not remain top-grossing.
As a free developer, this is the first time Apple made me pay for XCode updates. Not that $4.99 is a lot. I can understand that they kept the free developers from downloading the XCode beta, because there would have been even more leaks that were contrary to the NDA.Still, Apple shouldn't target this large class of developers who actively contribute to add value to the platform, e.g., to lock their company into using Cocoa apps.
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