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Good idea because your regular family admin doesn't typically own full ARD.
Sorry, couldn't find the delete option under the edit/delete button.
Window ZoomI would abhor fullscreen behavior for the green zoom button.The fact that it toggles between a user-defined window size and an optimized window size is one of the refinements that sets the Mac off w.r.t. Windows.Especially with the advent of very large screen sizes, it turns out that a lot of window content is not designed for full screen.Also, Mac users often like to understand the global context of windows, which is entirely lost in full screen and/or (worse)...
The following groups of Verizon iPhone owners may not generate a lot of iOS app sales -iPad owners most likely already own a number of apps. -New iPhone owners who chose the iPhone as being the best smart phone may not yet have savoured the capabilities of all those nice apps that are available. Further, Verizon iPhone sales may pick up gradually as people who got themselves a different smart phone will not switch over immediately. They will when the battery starts...
Given how fast one can type on an iPhone keyboard it seems extremely unlikely that Apple would spend any energy on such a project.
I disagree with the Apple sales estimate of 33.7 million iPads put forward by Reitze in that I predict the number of iPads sold in the same period to be 33.712958 million (give or take 5 million)
Another reason to hold a small event is to re-emphasize the existence of the new apple TV, for all those countries where it hasn't been introduced yet.
Microsoft can't go on using one-time techniques to embellish its quarterly results. The eventual downfall will just be worse when it finally happens.
I have a suggestion for the next MacOSX update, having to do with user reviews on the Mac App store and the iOS App store (and partly also the remaining stuff on iTunes) Apple requires me to make purchases on the Belgian store. Compared to the US population of over 300 million, Belgium's 10 million inhabitants constitute a 30 times smaller market for Apple's iTunes/App Stores. Unfortunately, this means that I can see 30 times fewer app previews, and the app ratings...
They should have kept the $15 plan as well. Most people hardly exceed 100-200MB/month. So for them, if only the new plan is available, it actually doubles the price. They will be paying for those who more fully use the unlimited plan. I am all for unlimited plans, but people should realize that US tariffs are silently increasing in this booming market, while, e.g., in Europe, they are rather declining. In Spain you can get 1-2GB for €10/mo on a prepaid card (Yoigo),...
New Posts  All Forums: