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... is the "Big Apple". How much will they pay New York to acquire control of thát name? Yeah, seriously, what do they need those logos for? Maybe just to be sure there won't be any more litigation...
Seriously, the Smurf game should be banned from the app store, even with the new protection, which I applaud.I really don't understand the gamers who so adamantly defend this game. It is a devious scam. Top grossing but not for the right reasons (too expensive add-ons, misleading). Unfortunately true, but I am just wondering what part of the proceeds have been accidental? I bet with the new relogin policy, they may not remain top-grossing.
As a free developer, this is the first time Apple made me pay for XCode updates. Not that $4.99 is a lot. I can understand that they kept the free developers from downloading the XCode beta, because there would have been even more leaks that were contrary to the NDA.Still, Apple shouldn't target this large class of developers who actively contribute to add value to the platform, e.g., to lock their company into using Cocoa apps.
Apple should first require Canon to clean up its act as far as neglected scanner drivers go.
Who cares if Nintendo sells less in the traditional titles. It still has the Wii, which is wildly successful, and, as far as I know, is still its own niche. Let them further develop that, or someone will catch up and overtake them.
Meritocracy is good, but the good apps are hard to find among all the lesser apps...The trouble is that the AppStore app has several shortcomings- it is buggy (filter options lock up -- and why does the GUI use regular buttons for dropdown menus? It almost looks like a Windows port as far as user unfriendlyness and unexpected behavior is concerned)- it fails to provide useful and detailed searching.- it filters the reviews (as does iTunes) according to the store one is in....
In order to be able to lower its prices, Samsung will have to replace certain parts by cheaper ones.
Good idea because your regular family admin doesn't typically own full ARD.
Sorry, couldn't find the delete option under the edit/delete button.
Window ZoomI would abhor fullscreen behavior for the green zoom button.The fact that it toggles between a user-defined window size and an optimized window size is one of the refinements that sets the Mac off w.r.t. Windows.Especially with the advent of very large screen sizes, it turns out that a lot of window content is not designed for full screen.Also, Mac users often like to understand the global context of windows, which is entirely lost in full screen and/or (worse)...
New Posts  All Forums: