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Obviously, those iPhones should include (beside CDMA) also "GSM" capability to allow for connectivity almost anywhere else in the world. I even expect future iPhones, sold by AT&T, to include CDMA, if only to keep the product line simple (CDMA capability in one or two additional countries may not be the main consideration).
I hope that companies such as Omnigroup will take the hint. Even for their iOS version they are currently charging more than what is customary for desktop shareware.If they ever want to achieve the high sales volumes that indeed may be possible, they should shape up and adapt their prices to the new ecosystem.If the idea takes off, in the future, we may not have to pay twice (once for the desktop and once for iOS) for software such as Pages, Keynote, etc..Hint, hint,...
Let it be known that Mobistar's contract with Apple in Belgium only involves selling the iPhone. It is unlocked and can be used anywhere. They are NOT an exclusive provider, although they offer a (a wee bit expensive) plan taylored to the iPhone. You don't have to change carriers and in fact what I do with my prepaid Base (Belgian subsidiary of KPN) SIM is to add a data plan 500MB/1mo whenever I expect to be out-of-WiFi-range. True, the main point of the article...
They must have inadvertently hired one of the programmers who were responsible for the MS-DOS Y2K bug.
Ever wondered what such a Trojan-like botnet (as seen by the Chinese authorities) could be "useful" for?
Of course, it seems good strategy for Amazon to imply that if one already owns an iPad, buying a Kindle still makes sense. It is true that Apple needs to do something to improve search facilities both in the iTunes store and in the iBook store, but especially in the last one.
Simple. None of these statements are contradictory for those who understand that there is absolutely no demand for the device, and that Logitech is only halting production to eliminate huge stocks that remain in the sales channel.
I am not so sure what will happen toSmall / free apps that do 1 thing well but are otherwise not regularly updated Ports of open source multiplatform software. Not sure if the dev. will bring up the energy to make major revision to the open source code
Good points you made there.I would even go a little further: Instead of bringing out myriads of new printer models,why can't HP do a serious job and update the firmware of perfectly capable existing printers to include Airprint capability? HP often has been paying little attention to the maintenance of printer firmware for printers once they are out in the field. Why not concentrate on only a few models, for which you can buy upgrades in firmware(*). Imagine how much...
Name squatting does seem a problem that needs to be addressed.But how about VASTLY IMPROVING the SEARCH FACILITIES on the AppStore. 1. The search options are not the same on the iPhone, the iPad and in iTunes. That's unusual for Apple whose GUI guidelines used to ensure a similar experience in all (or most) MacOSX apps. True, the issue is somewhat complicated by the fact that certain functions are accessed differently in a "touch" paradigm (as opposed to a keyboard-mouse...
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