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Thank you for your rather caustic reaction. The people that be have spoken already and I should just STFU. You must have some agenda to react like this. And about paperbacks vs hardcovers. Many, and I mean MANY, books never appear in the US in their paperback form. In Europe you can order them, in the US you can't. I don't know the economic reasons for this, but what I said is a fact and has been for decades. My point in connection with eBook pricing is, that it is fairer...
"If e-book sales start to replace some hardcover sales, the publishers say, they will still have many of the fixed costs associated with print editions, like warehouse space, but they will be spread among fewer print copies." As pointed out before, this is a flawed argument (if fewer paper books are sold, warehouse space can be reduced -- unless they continue to print too many copies for each edition), but the message is clear: publishers want the e-Book sales to pay...
Instead I believe that Apple left the camera out of the pre-announcement, so the other netbook/tablet makers wouldn't feel that they should include one in a hurry. So I am all for the theory that the camera will appear from nowhere as a "One more thing" item.
Gotta have something tangible to add to iPad 2.0 in order to justify another $100 markup. I, for one, hope, the additional camera comes at no additional cost. It'd surely wipe the competition away somewhat further.
It is amazing how Steve Jobs turned around the situation so quickly. Instead of being bashed by Greenpeace, the environmental issue has quickly become a selling point for Apple. And a way to gain the public's attention on yet another occasion. @MacTripper I find your comments quite extreme as well, but when you address the Mac/M$ situation, you make a few valid points, especially when it comes to the longer lifetime of Macs, their being resold on eBay, while most...
That would truly be a GUI with underwhelming capabilities. While the front row interface is nice for simple searching with the same underlying logic as column view in the finder, it would really be lacking versaitiliy in a more fully fledged computer environment.
These displays stand too high on their feet. In addition, for physiologic reasons (height of one's eyes) they should all line up with the tops of the screens, rather than the bottoms of the screens. I, for one, spend most of my viewing near the top of the screen. The menus are there as well.
Maybe there are laws that could prevent this market to become a monopoly
Haven't succeeded to backup any of my machines using time machine. The initial backup over ethernet aborts midway, even with no activity at all on any of the computers. None of the apple forums seems to offer any solutions. I hope 10.5.5 will contain fixes to Time Machine and/or Time Capsule firmware such that reliability is drastically increased. It should be (and remain) rock solid such that there is never a need to throw away any time machine sparse images and...
Get it?
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