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What is more bothersome, and not even mentioned in the name, is the myriad of provider-specific broadcast chipsets. CDMA, etc. Hopefully standards will converge, but in the mean time, producing REAL world phones, with chipsets supporting as many networks, would definitely be a sales argument wrt Samdung et al.
We may construe this as an organized attack on AAPL. But look at the bigger picture. Maybe this is only a testbed for nanosecond tradingalgorithms to see what would happen during an all-out attack on US stocks. These trading algorithms are not even called targeted viruses, like the ones that public utilities, the banking world, server farms, even the pentagon, recently have recognized as digital threats. It is time that the SEC work out some rules to prevent...
Also, the language/region filtering on reviews, especially on ratings, is badly broken if you are not from the US.   Many, if not most, apps are completely language agnostic, and if the ratings/reviews that are visible to you are severely restricted to your language/region, then they are nearly useless. Even though many people would greatly benefit from also having access to the English/language (or Spanish, or any widely spoken language).   If one belongs to a...
If Apple said: "The others don't have an AppStore", it doesn't logically follow that the term "AppStore" also applies to them.
Apple is fragmenting its very own platform. Users typically own iPhones, iPads and Macs that are not of the same age. Some of those can't be upgraded to the latest software, for various reasons (performance, memory space, or otherwise). Now we have Facetime, iMessage, iChat, each of which is only supported on some devices. Because of this it has become hard to communicate, even between owners of Apple devices.    I am afraid people in the end will flock to less...
University "Drive" in Palo Alto?
Sounds to me like they tried to orchestrate a booby trap.
Does Google going with LG for the new Nexus mean that Google is axing Samsung as an Android phone maker?
The trouble with Google Maps is that Google is trying to also build an ecosystem around it. I am worried about public transportation data, which transit companies deliver directly to Google (and not to Apple, for the time being). Given that their IT staff often are Android heads, they may be doing this wilfully, if not out of ignorance.
One nice feature of the new Maps app is that it lets you suggest improvements/point out errors. So I reported the mislabelling of my very own street (A situation that existed as well for 2 years in Google Maps but has since been corrected. The error was extremely difficult to report, not to Google Maps, but to the local mapping data owner). The question is: how quickly will the user feedback be attended to? This delay will determine the speed with which Apple's Map...
New Posts  All Forums: