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Small detail: it is not JP Morgan that decides what Apple will produce. All JP Morgan can do is make uneducated guesses and create / downplay expectations (think APPL stock manipulation).
What Apple needs to do to win this game is - provide content, then... provide more content,... and also, provide more content - improve the readability in brighter lighting conditions and they will blow away Amazon, B&N, and all the others not worth mentioning (yet).   The fact that on the iPad, one has access on a wealth of other applications, makes that Apple is way ahead of the others.   ----   On Microsoft partnering with B&N I have this to say:...
What then is the best time to switch to the Oracle distribution.   What is the best path to proceed? Keep previous versions around or remove them as /Library versions by Oracle are installed?   Why doesn't the article provide any links?
Couldn't Apple just provide a function that only gives the Ad people an encrypted ID that e.g. is the MD5 encryption of the developer's or Ad company's ID combined with the UDID?   That way the modified IDs couldn't be sold to other companies, the Ad people would be pleased, and our privacy would only be compromised in lesser and more acceptable manner.
    Do you mean that from now on, even version numbers will be more or less OK (8,...), odd version numbers will suck (9,...) ?
Boy, will these "profit takers" be disappointed when they see APPL stock rise thru the roof.
I like to have several (e.g., 1 dispatch window, 1 or more articles and commented articles) windows open in one screen (OSX "Space"), but there seem to be at least 3 distinct window widths. This is annoying. I am primarily interested in the article, not in all the sidebars (some of which are mostly EMPTY! -- if I want to see them, I'll scroll to them inside the window).
All of this is designed to give the MS-centric IT guys more control and to work out non-OSX/non-iOS configurations.   MS's licensing model used to charge thru the nose on a per-client basis. They are just reasserting this policy.   Sounds monopolistic? DOJ? FTC? EU? Anyone?
  Indeed, "Smurfs" is a big rip-off, that should never have been allowed on the AppStore in the first place, on moral grounds, because it is specifically aimed at misleading youngsters. And there are quite a few other apps in the same league, to a lesser extent.   It is not because Apple has corrected the problem (satisfactorily) at some point, that a case can't be made for occurrences before that. The fact that in-app purchases when logged-in now always require at least...
It may a feature for the keyboard to disable or discourage the entry of inappropriate characters, but on a full-size keyboard that doesn't necessarily mean the layout should change depending on context. Why not just de-emphasize the key labels if they don't fit the current context's syntax. I suspect many people are frustrated hunting for the "-" (minus/dash) character on the ever changing iOS keyboards. Barely bearable on iPhone/iPad but totally inappropriate for...
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