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Does Google going with LG for the new Nexus mean that Google is axing Samsung as an Android phone maker?
The trouble with Google Maps is that Google is trying to also build an ecosystem around it. I am worried about public transportation data, which transit companies deliver directly to Google (and not to Apple, for the time being). Given that their IT staff often are Android heads, they may be doing this wilfully, if not out of ignorance.
One nice feature of the new Maps app is that it lets you suggest improvements/point out errors. So I reported the mislabelling of my very own street (A situation that existed as well for 2 years in Google Maps but has since been corrected. The error was extremely difficult to report, not to Google Maps, but to the local mapping data owner). The question is: how quickly will the user feedback be attended to? This delay will determine the speed with which Apple's Map...
Exactly, $45/mo is way too much. I only spend approx €10/mo on calls and another €5/mo on 50MB (the unused portion of which is carried over, so I have approx 500MB data to use). If my data runs out, I top up with another €10 which gets me 500MB. So I spend €15-€20/mo. Granted, I don't make many calls, but since most of my correspondents have an iPhone, I do a lot of texting, which costs me nearly nothing. I could go to another provider and get 2GB/mo for €15, with calls...
What bothers me immensely is that Apple doesn't even provide interoperability between iChat and FaceTime. iPhone 3GS doesn't have FaceTime (not even a pared-down version of it).   The first thing Apple should do is make ALL its devices interoperable. The entire OSX + iOS scene is a good start to gain some critical mass.   The current fragmented iChat + Facetime scene isn't
Same here in Belgium. Only about 60% of the US services are available (no TV-shows --local or otherwise-- at all; Hulu, even Hulu proper doesn't seem to be available outside the US, even though we live in a global world with US ex-pats and enthusiasts all over the place).   The advantage of having TV-channels is of course one is no longer dependent on the transmission times. One just chooses whatever is available on some service ("channel").   My suggestion for a...
Next, I hope Apple will FINALLY add the same feature to its wireless mice and keyboards, namely the possibility to charge via a temporary USB connection.
Time to quickly register a few trademarks sounding like names of cats.
Even though it may not be fully kosher, I have tried running Tiger and Leopard under VirtualBox on Lion. It works, and has the advantage that you don't have to reboot. Sucks up more resources than a Wine-like API would do, though. Having lots of memory helps -a lot. But I could still run Rosetta apps if I wanted to, or build legacy java/Obj-C apps with XCode 2.5. One could use the technique to quickly migrate java code to Obj-C, without having to live days and weeks with...
Shouldn't that be 180 degrees? Turning the tables over 360 degrees isn't really a big change 
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