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I am just afraid that with the new configurable security settings, a new kind of social engineering attack will see the light. Malicious apps may generate nag alerts on purpose, intending the user to get tired at some point and relax the sandboxing security settings.
I hope they made him sign some kind of NDA, or at least some kind of agreement to restrain him from making random statements about SJ in the media (which turn out to only feed the FUD around AAPL's stock value). At least till the movie is released.
If such a deal would take off, it would certainly administer a significant blow to Samsung's TV business (more than a set-top aTV box, which would work WITH Samsung TVs).   I still do believe that Apple is just working with major TV suppliers to incorporate (or allow attachment in a recess ) of the appleTV, negociating strict compliance with e.g., remote controls, or with Apple's iOS remote control strategy (e.g., a smart iPad app, as for Loewe, a far cry from...
AT&T shouldn't complain that the market gets fed up with the greedy texting charges for BOTH the receiver and the sender (not so in most countries). It is a revenue they shouldn't have had in the first place (although I can appreciate the convenience of being able to send text messages: still cheap compared to longer phone calls, and the receiving party can read the message and respond to it at his/her own leisure).   To remain somewhat competitive with IP messaging,...
Small detail: it is not JP Morgan that decides what Apple will produce. All JP Morgan can do is make uneducated guesses and create / downplay expectations (think APPL stock manipulation).
What Apple needs to do to win this game is - provide content, then... provide more content,... and also, provide more content - improve the readability in brighter lighting conditions and they will blow away Amazon, B&N, and all the others not worth mentioning (yet).   The fact that on the iPad, one has access on a wealth of other applications, makes that Apple is way ahead of the others.   ----   On Microsoft partnering with B&N I have this to say:...
What then is the best time to switch to the Oracle distribution.   What is the best path to proceed? Keep previous versions around or remove them as /Library versions by Oracle are installed?   Why doesn't the article provide any links?
Couldn't Apple just provide a function that only gives the Ad people an encrypted ID that e.g. is the MD5 encryption of the developer's or Ad company's ID combined with the UDID?   That way the modified IDs couldn't be sold to other companies, the Ad people would be pleased, and our privacy would only be compromised in lesser and more acceptable manner.
    Do you mean that from now on, even version numbers will be more or less OK (8,...), odd version numbers will suck (9,...) ?
Boy, will these "profit takers" be disappointed when they see APPL stock rise thru the roof.
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