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Remember the MHz craze where PC motherboards where equipped with powerful (and power gobbling) fans? What's that for a fire hazard? About a fire hazard when the iPad 3 is wrapped in a blanket. I am sure, whenever the temperature gets too high (if it ever does), the iPad3 will just shut off. As do most recent computing devices, because they have sensors all over the place.
In low income, hence Android, country, Apple can get much more visibility by increasing the discount for previous models. Apple is doing something right here, except for one detail, that the discount is TOO SMALL. By now the 3GS and, soon the 4, can be produced very cheaply anyway, so increasing the discount is probably very feasible. The trick is, how big may this price difference be, to still be able to lure potential customers into purchasing the next higher...
Might Samsung be subsidizing/pushing Neonode to attack its rival? To further drive its point home, or just out of spite?
Does this change mean that the Finder is about to disappear?Same thing here
So if you put an ape in front of a keyboard, and I mean full time, then eventually he will be a big money making machine for all the ideas that he spews, although absolutely nothing has been implemented.In my view, the inventor may not have to sell it, but he should be able to produce a working prototype, to prove its feasibility. If it requires the presence of an as yet unexisting data source he should provide at least a minimal simulation.Maybe the inventor should have a...
Does this law suit mean that any concepts such as Virtual Reality or Simulators are also patentable? And is it the implementation or the concept that is patentable?
I am surprised by this article. Not only do most people in southern Europe use a prepaid plan (allowing much bigger savings), but in a number of countries such as Italy and Belgium, selling phones ONLY with a contract is outright forbidden.That would also hold for Android phones. Therefore I question the article's conclusions.Besides, in Belgium, where I live, you see iPhones everywhere. This bodes badly for Greece and Portugal, although less so if the article would also...
Nice recursive reference in the first picture ("ShareSheet.png"). (The Preview app itself allows sharing)
Any improvement concerning better discoverability on the AppStore(s) is good news. While Apple is at it, I hope they will also fix a major flaw in the filtering of reviews by national AppStore. In small countries, you can't see meaningful reviews (too few of them) or meaningful rating statistics even though most people have a good enough command of English. It is just annoying to have to switch to e.g., the US AppStore (losing context in the mean time) to inspect the...
( Apple-certifiedTV | (AppleTV + HDMI-TV) ) + BT keyBd = OSX computer
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