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Not only the price is now more attractive, but the first MBAs had lame performance. They were going to sell anyway to a lot of high visibility sales executives. But the MBA has seen dramatic increases in performance with the last two (I'd say: STEALTH) iterations. And yet, they're selling like hotcakes.
You make very valid points here, in that it is becoming risky to base your business upon Google. Sooner or later they'll screw you. Either because your privacy will be compromised (changes in license agreements...), or because they'll start charging for the service, or they may just plainly suspend some services.
THAT'll hurt Google (although Apple is already well on its way to become independent from Google). Any other suggestions beside Yahoo?
It is entirely the rumor mill's responsibility to crank up the expectations, so pressure can be put on AAPL stock if the expectations are not met. These guys still run the risk that Apple meets or exceeds the expectations, so it may have been more prudent to predict a hex or octal core iPad3.
The lack of an "iPad" inscription may indicate that Apple is allowing for the use of different brand names in various countries, where the name "iPad" proper would present a stumbling block. After all, an inscription may not be too costly to make, considering that they offer one for free on iPhones purchased as a gift on the Apple Store.
Nice to have this support for more models. I wish they did the same thing for the firmware of PPC models, e.g., the lampshade iMacs which were notorious for collecting dust in their optical drives. Sadly, I don't expect the feature to extend beyond machines that can run Lion
Hopefully Apple holds the patents that matter
The only way I can see this happen is that Apple introduces an aTV certification program for TV set makers, to ensure that (i) either an aTV motherboard is included in the TV (ii) or the TV and its inputs can be properly controlled by Apple's very own aTV settop box.
While Apple is at it, it should improve the visibility of reviews (now only visible from the local store), which severely cripples the relevance of review statistics for small national stores. Now I have to switch to the US store and start the search all over (it even doesn't retain context) and go back to my national store again to make a purchase E.g., while my native language is Dutch, I fluently read English, French, German and Spanish. So why can't I have access to...
First, iOS and OSX basically are the same OS. The main difference between the two flavors being the use of different GUI frameworks and of different strategies to deal with memory management. The reason behind iOS features trickling through to OSX is that the GUI frameworks, though being similar, are developed separately. They first are optimized for the purpose they are needed for, after which they may be generalized to also offer a unified experience on OSX. The...
New Posts  All Forums: