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Does this law suit mean that any concepts such as Virtual Reality or Simulators are also patentable? And is it the implementation or the concept that is patentable?
I am surprised by this article. Not only do most people in southern Europe use a prepaid plan (allowing much bigger savings), but in a number of countries such as Italy and Belgium, selling phones ONLY with a contract is outright forbidden.That would also hold for Android phones. Therefore I question the article's conclusions.Besides, in Belgium, where I live, you see iPhones everywhere. This bodes badly for Greece and Portugal, although less so if the article would also...
Nice recursive reference in the first picture ("ShareSheet.png"). (The Preview app itself allows sharing)
Any improvement concerning better discoverability on the AppStore(s) is good news. While Apple is at it, I hope they will also fix a major flaw in the filtering of reviews by national AppStore. In small countries, you can't see meaningful reviews (too few of them) or meaningful rating statistics even though most people have a good enough command of English. It is just annoying to have to switch to e.g., the US AppStore (losing context in the mean time) to inspect the...
( Apple-certifiedTV | (AppleTV + HDMI-TV) ) + BT keyBd = OSX computer
One doesn't need a full file system on iOS (actually, under the hood, the usual hierarchical file system DOES exist --we just don't have the Finder, nor the File open dialog boxes, nor file searches/browsing in mixed project directories--, but it is special in the way it presents documents to the user), especially if those files are stored remotely.All it takes is to funnel the proper search, open file, etc. request to iCloud or to a remote Mac, for the user to "see" a...
Next step: Back to iOS (from MacOSX): allow the iOS user, when she is on the move AND HAPPENS TO THINK OF a document stored in her "on the Mac" file system, to browse that filesystem and to retrieve the file.P.S., in response to those who don't understand that a document may need to be indeed accessible from different programs: there are situations where a document is created and edited by one application, but then serves as input, in unaltered form, to another...
NOT to mention the fact that the Mac still is (and hopefully will stay) a full-fledged computer that can basically perform any system management task, has a real file system and allows advanced users to deeply understand what they're doing instead of being pampered in ignorance.
Not only the price is now more attractive, but the first MBAs had lame performance. They were going to sell anyway to a lot of high visibility sales executives. But the MBA has seen dramatic increases in performance with the last two (I'd say: STEALTH) iterations. And yet, they're selling like hotcakes.
You make very valid points here, in that it is becoming risky to base your business upon Google. Sooner or later they'll screw you. Either because your privacy will be compromised (changes in license agreements...), or because they'll start charging for the service, or they may just plainly suspend some services.
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