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Interesting to see how prominently Samsung is advertised next to the Windoze logo
I am sure Google has collected enough data with its Streetview fleet that it knows precisely what the market share statistics are for all the router brands.
Blue, purple or pink?
No need for 19in wide blade servers if you would be able to stack a lot of power using a McMini footprint.
Pfff, none of today's items were available from the Belgian store. I just got error messages: this item is not available from the Belgian ITunes Store. Sorry for believing Belgium was in Europe, Apple. Is this a bug or is it intentional ? Whose legs are you pulling with this non-promotion? A somewhat deceitful action.
Has it occurred to anyone that Apple can deliver a major blow to Samsung by outcompeting it on its own turf?
The advent of iOS5 and the iCloud bode badly for the "IBM compatible"world. Interesting to see Apple's roadmap accelerate the demise of the Windows PC. A major milestone in this process is Apple's new iCloud paradigm that no longer uses the desktop computer as the hub of all iOS devices that you own. Indeed, by putting iOS devices and desktop computers on an equal footing, many home users will be able to phase out their desktop devices. So, in addition to Apple's...
That sounds like a lot of fragmentation. Apple's strength is thorough integration of all components, software and hardware. Where does that leave you?
Every month (or year) that the official Google release of the source code is delayed reduces the number of legacy devices (if any at all) to be supported by the manufacturers. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if those manufacturers were leaning on Google to obtain extra delays.
That's right. But you can hold the iPhone closeby and talk to it more or less privately. No need to let the aTV do that. No need for an aTV touch screen either, if the iPhone can do all the UI stuff. Moreover, a future aTV should be in full control of all the inputs (doing away with multiple remotes), so it should be able to route all video sources to the TV screen. Now how are we going to control this digital hub, which in turn needs to be able to select satellite...
New Posts  All Forums: