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How is apple going to market a large phone that is late to the party?  Large screen isn't enough.  Will there be a killer app or killer usage we just aren't aware of?  Here we are with a 4.7 inch screen!!!  WTF?  What an embarrassment.  If this is just another iteration maybe they'll announce it online like other hardware updates to save face.  This isn't a diss of apple.  Just curious how to spin a very late arrival.
Does this update solve the wireless pairing of ios devices?  The original review panned it for its poor pairing and function.  Will appleinsider update its review?  I like the concept of this lens.  There is a market for cellphone shooters and who want better picks without buying another camera.  
Apple give us a damn stylus!  $80 unreal.  A pen has a place.  Build in true stylus support and let the 3rd party make pens.  Apple being stubborn yet again.  
Why no flash?  I'd love to see Canon and Nikon response to this.
Why does the larger lens have only a 3.6x zoom, while the smaller one is 10x?  
  Square is not thinking ahead!  Chips and pin is the future or present.  They'll have to redesign it.
Most people want just a single portable device.    Both the phone and tablet are compromises.  A phone is portable, while a tablet is more functional.  A 5 inch iphone would have been cool.  sigh
I love it when social networking backfires in the originators face!   Regardless of the state propaganda and faceless organizations, their intended goals are hijacked and mocked by netizens.  It's like watching them slip on a banana peel or get a pie in the face.  Priceless!!!  Reminds me of the idiocy of Bestbuy, when layed off employee takes to their company twitter and their PR people can't shut it off.  Comical!!!
Cool solution! But how would this work for a business larger than a 1 person micro business. What about backend office stuff like accounting? Is the analytics collected compatible with accounting software? Do I need a computer? Also, an obvious flaw, is that customer can't see the total displayed. Turning the ipad around every transaction isn't convenient. Even for a micro business the card fees are too much. With the weak economy, I've seen stores accept only cash.
There are millions of these on ebay.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bluetooth-Wireless-Keyboard-Apple-For-iPad-1-2nd-3rd-Gen-Macbook-Mac-Computer-PC-/350673191251?pt=Other_Tablet_eReader_Accessories&hash=item51a5c04153
New Posts  All Forums: