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There are numerous keyboards that look like apple's compact keyboard.  Yet apple doesn't go after for theft.  Where can I get that cool keyboard?
Where can I get this awesome keyboard that apple refuses to make?  It was announced over a year ago.  I can only find it on Alibaba.  Their Express site doesn't offer it.  There are other mac like keyboards as well.   http://www.capacity-keyboard.com/wkb-802.htm
Can apple just get rid of the 1 inch bezel.  Voila!  New ipad.  Even lighter
Bill you refering to this?   KeyLite™ Ultra Slim Touch Keyboard Folio   http://www.kensington.com/kensington/us/us/p/1451/K39527US/keylite-ultra-slim-touch-keyboard-folio.aspx
Can apple just get rid of the black border? Smaller and lighter without the sacrifice.
Looks nice enough. Will it have any customer service? I have to question apple's choice of faux wood table tops. Great form. But have you ever seen how scratched, scuffed, and grimy they are at all stores. They need a better material that can take more abuse from the masses.
iZettle uses a chip based system, but does not allow pins. Mobile phones won't allow it. You must sign your name. How antiquated? iZettle is nice, but seems to be even more limited in its usefulness than the Square Register. https://www.izettle.com/help/why-doe...le-use-pins-2/
These card readers are clever, but these are mostly suitable for micro businesses. If you have an inventory of more than 20 items, I don't think how this would work. What about a scanner? POS systems are expensive because they can handle the front of the store and also the back end office. I still need a computer with the idevice correct? If a computer is necessary, then why not go with a computer based POS? And what about debit bank cards? Is there an iOS turnkey...
How about apple getting rid of the border around the ipad. That should knock an inch off. Edge to edge active screen. No need for a third screen size.
I have a few requests for Jony. Can we please have a full size bluetooth keyboard? How about number pads for the macbooks? It is so counter productive to NOT have these. If it offends your visual aesthetics to build a number pad, then how about building it into the touchpad. Can you please build a better mouse. It feels like a light weight sliver of soap. It needs to feel more substantial. Don't tell me to to go buy a third party device. For celebrated designer,...
New Posts  All Forums: