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Apple should forget about another AIO machine. Here's a radical approach. Build the motherboard into the keyboard housing or just take a powerbook base and use a separate monitor. This will mean a bigger keyboard than the present one, but so what. PC keyboards are huge! Your optical drive and hard drive will all be horizontal instead of packed onto the back of a lcd. This keyboard motherboard combo will be sorta portable. I'm sure this can be done. What do your...
Aluminum keyboard http://www.zippy.com/K_product_detai...pk_code=WK-720
The only good thing about the new keyboard is that its small footprint. The Pro Keyboard was the best. I loved the beveled edges. I wish I picked one up while I had a chance. I also hate white. Imagine all the grime you're gonna see on it. Plus the new boards have open gaps allowing more dirt inside. On another note, why are pc keyboards so freakin huge! It's like a skateboard. Keys feel small with its pyramid shape and large gaps between keys. At times it...
Here's your MS portable media center http://www.shopping.hp.com/cgi-bin/h...owse_link=true
Manzione is the atypical user. He's owned almost every model. His experiences is not endemic of the rest of us. Man is he ever the whiner. The regular user upgrades every 3-5 years. Knowing how long macs last. But Manzione has replaced his machines so often with the G4's glacial speed improvements, the quantum leap he's expecting from g4 to g5 just isn't there.
I figured it out. I should a clicked finder, not disc burner.
In another thread I had trouble reading pics off the compact flash card at a kiosk. I've decided to burn them onto a disc and try again at the kiosk. I've followed the help files to burn a disc. I inserted a blank cd, an action menu ask me what to do, I click disc burner. Then an error message says disc burner is not supported by classic. Does this mean I can't burn cds on osX. Absurd! Please help.
The jpeg problem is resolved, no more tiffs. New problem. Many photos won't read at the kiosk. The error message says the file size is too small to read. WTF! What does this mean. The lab techs at Walmart are a bunch of kids. Know squat. They've never had any problems. I tried on another kiosk and it won't read. I close croped many of the photos for better framing and composition. Could that be the problem.....reducing the file size down? File size range from...
I do a regular save, not save for web. I got Graphic Converter and re-saved as a jpeg. If appears to save properly. Get info says its a jpeg document. I'll test it at the kioks tomorrow.
I touched up a photo in photoshop, saved in jpeg, took it to a digital photo kiosk for printing. The kiosk wouldn't read my compact flash card because there was a tiff file present. The problem file had a jpeg extension, yet in the file info it was a document file? I resaved the file as jpeg and got the same results........document file. I noticed my camera saved jpegs in upper case letter, while photoshop saves the file extensiion in lower case. Should this be a...
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