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I plan on working on a VCD movie for a friend in asia but I'm in North America. Do vcds need to be encoded in PAL format? I thought vcds were regionless. I bought a commerical vcd movie from Hong Kong and it works on NTSC systems. Besides, how would I test a PAL encoded VCD here in North America.
How do you import images back to the camera from iphoto. I don't have a card reader. iphoto has a export function, but my camera is not a destination available. I thought usb devices would be visible on the desktop, but the camera is not. What ever happened to drap and drop?
I'm using safari but it won't allow me to post on message boards on msn. WTF. Who's fault is this? Apple? MS? Payback from ms? It works fine using IE! What's wrong here?
There is a story in this issue of MacDirectoy about macs in china. It has a sexy cover of Sarah Jessica Parker. The story itself is very informative yet sad because of the sorry state of the mac in china. Apple has to be less U.S centric and attack Asia. How I don't know. Nobody is making money in china, especially MS. From what I read, ms has sunk billions in china for 10 years and yet to see a profit. The onlly profiteers are the software pirates. Pcs are...
I'm trying to add new print drivers to printer center but nothing happens. A list of drivers are supposed to pop up. Nothing! I updated my faxstf to 10.1.3. They said to dump the older driver and replace with new. Faxstf is crappy and I was forwarned, but I only fax occassionaly. Please help
Has anyone bought one of these dvd burners. They are supposedly idvd compatible. Any good? They've been released a couple months now but I haven't seen any review.
I recently updated my logitech mouse software and it works fine. However I've discovered that the trackpad prefences don't work now. Such as: Ignore trackpad while typing and disable trackpad if mouse present. My palms brush up against the pad while typing causing the cursor to run wild. I'm updated to 10.2.6. Help
New Posts  All Forums: