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These suicides is most disturbing. More must be done to help chinese workers. Many are young, from the countryside, unaccustomed to urban life, and their first time away from their families. Added to that is a brutal sweatshop system and a prison like dormatory where you share 10 to a room. These conditions are not unique to Foxconn, they are the norm in china. I'm surprised there are not MORE suicides! Like the attacks at the schools, these suicides are taking on a...
Google is like a ten headed hydra. It wants to get into everything. None of its products are exceptionally good. Google wants to do everything and is a master of nothing, with the sole exception of search. Gee another box with android on it. Soon there will be a google solution to the oil spill in the gulf. Next a google car running android. Space travel by google too! None of which would be any good like its phones. Google cola?
Enemy of the future statement is a bit over the top. Competitors certainly. Nintendo and Apple are rather similar in that they are innovators and have a singular vision of the future. Nintendo beat back Sony and Microsoft with a less powerful non-HD wii and ds. They are not on the ropes breathing their last breath. Its sony and ms that should be more worried of apple. If apple is the enemy of the future, does that make it Skynet? Cool! I want my terminators pronto!
The trackpad should be replaced with a touch sensitive lcd. With a lcd trackpad you could introduce all sorts of inputs. Even the much need number pad. When you're done, it goes away. The present trackpad also supports chinese handwriting input. An lcd would improve things along.
Sorry for your troubles with apple. I'm surprised by the quality issues. I'm writing on a 7 year tibook from 2003. This is my only pc. It has worked great. I'm not a road warrior so it looks brand new. I've never called apple care or bought extended warranties. Most consumer experts say don't buy extra warranties. I've only had it serviced once at a apple store for a kernal panic. Bad ram. They took care of it. In canada, apple is pushing out the independent...
No blueray, no hdmi, no full keyboard, no fair price! And I'm a mac user! Come on apple. 1799 for a low end i5? Show some competitive pricing. The MBP i5/i7 are priced like a some rare gem stone. i5/i7 are plentiful and priced less than 1500 on the pc. Fail
My powerbook g4 did not cost $1200 can. It cost 3X that amount. Where can I get an i5/i7 for $1200 can.?
Well it's certainly not the price! I'm on my second mac from 2003. The reasons I stayed with the mac is the same as the posts above. I'm sitting on the fence right now whether to replace my aging powerbook with a new mac. The one thing holding me back is the price. I want a modern i5/i7 mac for about $1200 can. After using the mac for decades, I'm still not sold on its value.
How about more competitive pricing? I can get all of the above for about $1299 in canada. Get intouch with reality apple. Nobody mentions a full size keyboard with number pad. How hard is that? Notebooks are replacing desktop machines. I want to be as productive as desktop pcs. The only reason we won't get it is because it offends Steve's sense of aesthetics. It's these minor yet essential things that apple has no clue.
I thought apple switched to intel chips because the G5 development reach an impasse and secondly to maintain parity with the pc. Mac pros aside, the lineup looks dated and overpriced compared to the i5 and i7 on new pcs. This shouldn't be the case. The i5 and i7 imacs are only available at the extreme high end. Core2 Duo looks antiquated and premium pricing burnishes apple image as out of touch with reality. i5 and i7 pcs are available to all at the low end. Macs...
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