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No. Being a former comics reader, this doesn't impress me. Using slide show techniques and camera pans makes it look cheap. Why not download tv episodes instead. I like the dvds that archive the entire run of the comic book. Like 40 years of xmen. However, the comics industry has a bigger problem. Like dwindling monthly sales. Aging readership. And lack of kid interest in comics. Comics are no longer a form of entertainment for mass audiences. Without the montly...
Maybe they thought they were geting Steve Jobs?
I visit a satellite site frequently. aaafta.com However recently I get a pop up window before I can enter the site. It warns me that this site distributes malware and my mac is vulnerable to attack. This warning comes from google! Is this legit? How serious is this? Is my mac safe? I'm using 10.5.5 Safari and Firefox both show the pop up. I scanned my mac with Clamxav and no viruses were found. aaafta.com is a free to air satellite download site. ...
I have an older Powerbook G4 with usb1. I've managed to do without usb2 for a while. Do these add on usb2 laptop cards give you actual usb2 speeds? Can they handle power hungry devices like external drives and burners? Do they need to be powered? Like I need another power brick These card may look cheap but are expensive. $55 Can. Do they live up to their claims?
[SIZE="7"]http://asus.com/products.aspx?l1=24&...29&modelmenu=1 It certainly looks cute. But I'm not sold on these net pcs yet. They're essentially crippled pcs. Why bother? Maybe useful as a videophone. How much is it? Other models in the family go as low as $300. Coud you give it a worse name. EEE Pc Top? WTF?
http://www.popsci.com/popsci/technol...cbccdrcrd.html Fascinating article about cloning and conterfeiting in general.
It's finally here 3d printing for the masses for only $5000! It even fits on your desk. Their goal is the $1000 machine. Being a toy geek, this is right up my alley. Imagine making your own small run toys. I don't subscirbe to their vision of the future. Where you download 3d parts from manufacturers and print them. Manufacturers won't release 3d parts for sale. If your coffee maker is busted. Buy a new one. Some parts aren't made from plastic. Some...
Anyone familar with Acoustic Research wireless speakers systems? They use a 2.4 ghz transmission hub and wireless AR speaker/receiver. The prduct reviews I've found seem to be a mixed bag. I want to build a 5.1 home theater system. Wires are ugly and a pain in the butt. I've seen the box. Looks cheap and underwhelming. They claim to have tower speakers as well. Haven't seen any. Nor is there a website? This would be great if they had a complete 5.1...
Is there a list of compatilbe burners? Apple says squat.
idvd 06 supports 3rd party burners. Which ones? I can't get through apple's site. Needs quiktime 7. I can't download because I don't have Tiger.
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