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I agree absolutely! There are many people who call themselves graphic artists and web designers just because they can buy a computer. It is a skilled trade. There is technical knowledge that has to be acquired. I worked for a major publisher and dealt with bozoos designing their own ads. Editors posing as production designers. For example only a writer would do this. Link every single text box in a 100 page magazine. Make a change and everything reflows. With...
Welcome to the club! Former graphic designer as well. Felt the same as you too. Burned out, stressed out, suffered panic attacks, gagged on my own saliva, post tramatic stress disordered, and a bad ass freakin temper to boot. Production vs creative? Both can be a drag. Being a creative person, you're likely very independent minded. Go work for yourself. What are you passionate about. Build a business around that. Use your creative skills to promote...
Why are Canon cd printing capapbility crippled? The tray is there. It's obvious. Why? I prefer Canon printers. I could go with Epson 210. But a low end printer as such doesn't need 6 ink cartridges! Overkill.
I have a powerbook g4 with USB1. I want to get an external lcd with powered usb2 hub built right in. Will this give me full usb2 speeds when connected with dvi?
Jobs has a condition called hypomania. Gorilla boss is pretty close. Hypomaniacs are very high achievers, yet have no soft skills whatsoever. They're phenomenal producers. But have are crude, boorish, prone to temper tantrums. Have major outbursts. Alienate and humiliate workers. Yeah! Gorilla boss fits the bill. I should know. I have a gorilla boss. He's crossed so many people. The chances of a client or past worker returning with a gun is high! Violence...
I love this idea. No behemoth plasma/lcd from apple. And you can go as large as you want. But, you need a darkened room for it to work, right? Not practical for some homes/apartments.
I have a Tibook 867, about 2 years old. The battery won't charge and I suspect it's dead. Here's what cappacity meter says: Capacity 4153/4600 Battery status: excellent 90% Amperage 1200 Currrent: 0 Voltage 16254 Current Battery Charge: 0% I tried copying that stuff in the terminal, however its incomplete? "IOBatteryInfo" = ({"Voltage"=16254,"Flags"=1090519429,"Amperage"=12 00,"Capacity"=4153,"Current"=0}) What does all this mean?
I have a powerbook g4 titanium 2003. Do batteries have an expiration date? My battery is drained, however the power adapter light is green. I've unplugged it and the powerbook shuts down. I've unplugged everything and it won't charge up. Is it dead?
I had to do a double take this morning while reading the Sunday paper. I came across a Ipod Nano ad in the back of the sports pages. Full page ad. Same photo as on apple's site. Very plain and simple. Is this the apple we all love and hate. Not some evil doppelgager. Not an alien clone. Apple discovers advertising. Who would have known? Normally apple relys on carrier pigieons to spread the word. Now, if they'd put as much effort in promoting the mac. Apple...
Isn't Arabian and Persian women beauty contestants a contradiction in terms? I mean they're strict muslim fundamentalists. Real conservatives! They won't be parading around in a bikini. Hell, you won't even see their face behind that veil.
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