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 This misconception needs to stop. IGZO is a material for thin-film transistors. IGZO does not compete with LCD or OLED displays, it's a part of them.
Any evidence to support your claims about the camera? According to most previews, it's top-notch.
  The A4 is a joke, even by low-end standards.
  Any examples? In my opinion, Samsung's ads take a completely different approach.
  This. It was nice on iOS 5, but in its current form it's so painful to use that I rarely open it.
Are you kidding?
  http://global.samsungtomorrow.com/?p=20102   This doesn't count?
  SIII went on sale in late May/early June. It wasn't available in the US until July.
Premium resellers in my country are selling the "new iPad" for 479€ and the "iPad with Retina Display" for 499€. Must be confusing.
  Pros: Great colors and viewing angles. Also, sharpness will be great at 300 ppi. Cons: Imperfect blacks (compared to OLED).
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