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The Air 2 seems like the only tablet on the market with no compromises. Great display, super thin and light, best performance.  Almost makes my 3rd gen iPad look ancient.
 This misconception needs to stop. IGZO is a material for thin-film transistors. IGZO does not compete with LCD or OLED displays, it's a part of them.
Any evidence to support your claims about the camera? According to most previews, it's top-notch.
  The A4 is a joke, even by low-end standards.
  Any examples? In my opinion, Samsung's ads take a completely different approach.
  This. It was nice on iOS 5, but in its current form it's so painful to use that I rarely open it.
Are you kidding?
  http://global.samsungtomorrow.com/?p=20102   This doesn't count?
  SIII went on sale in late May/early June. It wasn't available in the US until July.
Premium resellers in my country are selling the "new iPad" for 479€ and the "iPad with Retina Display" for 499€. Must be confusing.
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