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Yeah the typical mail setup doesn't work because it points to the current MobileMe server. I guess they are in the process of porting over to iCloud and should just be patient. I'll keep Gmailing for now. Glad to hear they may actually have a web interface after all. Wasn't too keen on them removing that feature. I am running the iOS 5 beta. Pretty darn solid for a beta. Still trying to figure out the wireless syncing though. Is it supposed to do it locally or just a...
Anyone know how to set this up? I created my free @me.com email address on my iPhone, it works fine. I can send from Mail but receive is not working at all. Anyone know how we are supposed to set this up? iCloud is leaving me with a lot of questions so far.
Do they have an ETA on this? I currently have to forward emails from my work BB to my iPhone. This would save a bit of hassle and allow me just to add it to the BES.
Mine arrived around the same time. I wasn't very productive at work!
Brutal. It was the customs paperwork that was listed in Mississauga. The iPad missed the damn cut off for today. Still in China. New receive date as the 13th. Very frustrating. They got me all excited for nothing. Nothing!!
My order just did the exact same thing. Here's hoping tomorrow is the ship date!Edit:It shipped late last night from Shenzen, CN. It is already in Mississauga. Wild.I wonder how many people have received their shipments, so far.
No, I am in London. I wish I had known ahead of time that Mostly Digital (a local Mac store) was taking pre-orders. I would have been all over that!
Yeah, my order went through at 4:25am. I set my iPhone alarm to no sound. I didn't realize that it would do no vibration too, kinda dumb. Anyways, you'd still think that was early enough to be in the first wave....apparently not.
Oh man, I am jealous. I hope this signals a change in my status soon. I am just hoping for sometime next week.
New Posts  All Forums: