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Um, doesn't the UK price include VAT? The US price is pretax. Add to that the fact that the dollar has been plummeting against the pound and you'd see why it would appear to be worth $3,155 when converted to USD. With the tax included in the price and the exchange rate at around two to one, you're also doubling the included tax.
Acer is a Taiwanese company.
Um, this iPhone news (i.e. Jobs interview) is six months old. Why are rumor sites reporting it like it's straight out of WWDC? That means the fate of Flash on the iPhone should very well be decided by now.
It seems like Google Updater encapsulates some of the functionality you're looking for, even if only for a specific set of applications. On Windows, it keeps programs like Firefox and Adobe Reader up to date, and also manages downloading of programs that you might like to try, i.e. Google Earth. Once you download a program, Updater will check for new versions periodically for you and even download and install them automatically if you like. The program is clean,...
Um, I don't think it's the work ethic in iPod City ("Must make many iPods for Steve!") so much as the conditions attendant on being a developing country. The United States was barely any different when it was industrializing.
I would hardly call Macintouch's survey reliable, considering respondents were self-selected and Macintouch is generally the site to go to if you ever have anything to complain about.
It seems to suggest a transition between multiple desktops. At least that was my impression. If that is the case, I would think the dock and menubar don't necessarily need to be affected by the animation. That's not to say, however, that I'm throwing my hat in with the "it's real" crowd.
I was under the impression that Google had nothing to do with Safari's inclusion of a Google search bar.
I agree, but I also don't think it will be a huge problem. At least not particularly more egregious than, say, having the iTunes DRM cracked. The people who crack the code to run Mac OS X on PCs are likely not the same people who would walk into an Apple Store and buy a Mac anyway. It gives me an uneasy feeling thinking of OS X running on a crickety whitebox PC, but I guess that's what we may have to get used to.
New Posts  All Forums: