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  Three years ahead. In what way? The new iPhone will still come with iOS 6 which already puts the phone behind at least a year when compared to the competition. Currently iOS is falling behind to the tightly packed ICS if we talk strictly about software point of view. God knows what will happen when Google will unveil Jelly Bean. And WP8 to come, I hope Apple make some substantial changes in UI of iOS 7. 
Absolutely. Apple had the chance to change UI with iOS 6 but they didn't. Now no matter how many specs they improve or new hardware perks they add in the next gen. iPhone, it will be the same old iOS 6. It feels bit odd to say but iOS is now feeling little boring.    At WWDC 2012, it was hilarious when Forstall mentioned features like Facebook integration, Mail VIP folder & Phone 'reply with message' as one of the major features. Last year it was notification center,...
With iOS 5, Music app has become little sluggish comparing to the earlier version. It was also crashing when using the cover flow. So they have fixed these problems.
"MS Office for iPad" as 'One more thing' would have been really cool.
Name has come. It's "The new iPad"
Make that 16 GB.
Okay now Phil's back on stage. Time for 'one more thing'.
I hope that these new gestures in iPhoto for iPad is not the reference to the 'and touch' invitation. I was expecting more. Apart from this, the new iPad is a win for Apple for sure. There's still a confusion about the name of the device either it's 3 or HD.
Any updates on live streaming of the event?
New Posts  All Forums: