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Love my 6 Plus. My iPhone 5S which I now use for roaming overseas seems tiny now. My hands are big enough, others aren't. That's called getting the right product that meets your needs. I can also use it one handed although I've never actually made a habit of using my previous iPhone's in that way, just tried it to annoy TS and the other 'only way to use a phone is with one hand' brigade. Amazes me how many people take the time to post to slate the size of the new iPhone 6...
Ordered 3 x iPhone 6 Plus 128GB (two Gold, one Space Grey) from UK store and a Brown cover   Delivery for phones quoted as 19/9, case 22/9
I often wonder if you just have to have the last word. I comprehend the point of the discussion perfectly. Your stated belief that having laws in place stops things happening is however beyond logical comprehension.
It's always best when commenting to look at the question being answered first. Look at what I was responding to. Just for your reference having a law against something does not prevent people doing it, otherwise courtrooms around the world would be very quiet places and we could fire all of our police. 
Governments do not have control by merely implementing and (partially) enforcing laws.They spy on their own citizens to find out what is happening beneath the surface. Whether that is to understand threats to national security or otherwise. Foreign powers are spied on for numerous reasons. Again threats to security or to find out information which could be useful to trade or a whole raft of other reasons.To dismiss my comments as tin foil shows you haven't actually looked...
Because they want control. As governments always do. Whether democratic or dictatorship it's all about controlling the masses
China, US, EU. What amazes me is that people are surprised that governments are spying on them.
Typical outdated comments about China. One of the biggest issues for factories in China is getting staff to work. This is because of the rapidly growing middle class and the reluctance to do labour intensive work. Ring any bells in the West?
AMD is an ARM licensee.Given the long term damage done to AMD by these actions I wonder how much of the fine will go to them...actually I don't. It will all go into EU gravy boat
@pfisher. Boot camp just enables Windows to boot on a Mac. The processor is x86 so natively runs windows and windows software. Getting such OS and software to run on ARM is a massive undertaking. I know that Windows on Mac was a big requirement especially for corporates where the C exec want a MacBook for looks but still had to run Windows. Times have changed though and especially with the increased use of Citrix and other such technology the base OS is less important. I...
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