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 Yes but why does that need the iOS Wi-Fi calling function? I wouldn't give Google my cell number and I honestly can't see anyone relying totally on voice over IP using WiFi.  It's a niche in a niche.
 How would Wi-Fi calling work with no linked cellular number. How would anyone call you on it? 
The Hong Kong Dollar is pegged to the US Dollar...
You miss the immense tourist traffic. This is the world's largest shopping Mall (/centre for readers in UK).
In high volume low mix manufacturing yes. In low volume, high mix not always a Golden Rule
Yes because launch is limited to certain countries. You seem to know less about Apples logistics than you think you do. Best solution, move to a country which matters more to Apple.
Again sarcasm tag used... The fact is that bemoaning when and where Apple choose to launch their products is pointless. The countries with the biggest sales volumes for Apple have the most say and the most marketing budget to spend to promote the product. That's the world of multinational businesses. Being angry at it is futile because it won't change. With your keyboard you are trying to bend the Apple rules, this isn't something that happens easily. Far simpler would...
I don't need a video call either. Any vendor will launch in key markets first. Makes perfect sense. I guess you should just consider it good that Apple will eventually bring the Watch to your developing nation? /s
@sirdir , you missed my sarcasm tag I see :)   Apple are clearly making a business decision based on supply and being able to support customers in each country. For example I've already had communication from them to arrange a video call where they will show me how to use the Watch. This takes some logistics.    Better to have a well executed limited country launch programme than have the product launch deemed a disaster by being poorly executed but global.   BTW - I...
Well the answer is to buy more Apple products then you will become a focus country for launch /s
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