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 Odd presumption. He will have been given it for free and maybe even paid to wear/promote it.
So that's people that believe this is the only planet that has life on and/or that evolution is a theory without significant evidence. I suggest we stick to discussingthe Watch before the men in white coats turn up.
I don't work for any carrier. Anyone who read my post in full might work that out.As other posters have mentioned there are plenty of places where it is beyond the carriers ability to deliver coverage, eg in some office buildings.In answer to your other questions SMS works as does caller ID. I don't use call waiting but will try 3 way calling if the need arises, I rarely use it. No idea on MMS, I haven't had/sent an MMS for several years, very expensive way to send photos!
It will be interesting, within Apple as I doubt data will come out, to see how the profile of watches 'favourited' within the online store matches those which make it to checkout.   If it is a successful way of forecasting actual demand then it will be a very useful tool for many subsequent product launches not just Apple Watch.
No it isn't. VOIP is used to get to the carriers switch but then unless the number you are calling is on their network then they are having to bridge your call and are incurring costs.That said if you are abroad and calling your home country then that should only be billed as a call within your home not as an international call because the carrier is only incurring costs within your home country. I'm not sure if a VPN would get round this but will try it next time I'm abroad.
Charles or David?Reality is no retailers have much interest in selling Apple unless it's with a phone/data contract where there is a kick back. The margins just aren't there.
Those 'scammers' that created and host the market that enables inventions that would otherwise be left as dreams to be realised. Some scammers
Given the introduction of Lightning headphones could potentially there be a lighting port (or two) which could be used for headphones or with a male-to-male lightning cable be used to charge suitably equipped iOS devices?
You are correct. Like you I don't watch much TV (1-2 hours a week total whether live or streamed), although I do have a TV licence because I believe it is worth it for the Danny Baker show on FiveLive alone :)  Apple just need to monitor their suppliers more, they are making big commitments and they should know China well enough by now to know they need people on the ground constantly to make sure those commitments are delivered upon.
Bezos is clearly a highly intelligent guy. Some of his gambles pay off. Others don't. I assume you are calling him a moron whilst reviewing your billionaire lifestyle?
New Posts  All Forums: