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Those 'scammers' that created and host the market that enables inventions that would otherwise be left as dreams to be realised. Some scammers
Given the introduction of Lightning headphones could potentially there be a lighting port (or two) which could be used for headphones or with a male-to-male lightning cable be used to charge suitably equipped iOS devices?
You are correct. Like you I don't watch much TV (1-2 hours a week total whether live or streamed), although I do have a TV licence because I believe it is worth it for the Danny Baker show on FiveLive alone :)  Apple just need to monitor their suppliers more, they are making big commitments and they should know China well enough by now to know they need people on the ground constantly to make sure those commitments are delivered upon.
Bezos is clearly a highly intelligent guy. Some of his gambles pay off. Others don't. I assume you are calling him a moron whilst reviewing your billionaire lifestyle?
:) ref Slurpy. Like the other person who's just chosen to add his valuable input to this thread.... I have a 2011 Mac Mini (2.3Ghz I think, definitely with 8gig RAM) it only runs iTunes as my 'Server' and does nothing else except connect to the iTunes on my NAS.  As an example on speed. If I type an artist name into the search box I then there is a noticeable delay before search results come. If I change the 'type' on files say from TV Show to Movie then I get the SPOD for...
@Slurpy. If that was the case then surely iTunes shouldn't allow libraries of a size it can't manage. However (and this also @silvershadow) it isn't the iTunes 'engine' that is the issue because iOS Apps and Apple TV enable quick access. It is access and management of the library through iTunes that is slow and clunky. The interface speed and intuitiveness needs a full revamp. Perhaps some form of expert mode that strips it back to basics?
Why is having more than 50K of music tracks so hard to comprehend. I have over 80K. All purchased either on LP, CD or digitally over a 26 year period. Some I listen to a lot, some very rarely and many not for several years. But now and then I do go back to albums I haven't listened to for a long time. It's my collection, I paid for it. Why shouldn't iTunes which is ridiculously clunky in its latest release be able to manage it?
ApplePay consists of two components. A NFC chip in iPhone 6/6+ (and watch when it comes) which enables payment in retail stores which support it. The other part is for Internet shopping and as well as iPhone 6/6+ is supported on IPad. For apps (and maybe sites I'm not sure) you will be able to pay via ApplePay using TouchID to confirm the purchase.
Look at the storage capacity differences. iOS has to work on as low as 8GB. Desktop OS Mobile OS
Like every other show of this type unless it is very niche and B2B then it is dying or dead. Companies used to wait until such events to launch products/services but now they get them out there globally as soon as they can.
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