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ApplePay consists of two components. A NFC chip in iPhone 6/6+ (and watch when it comes) which enables payment in retail stores which support it. The other part is for Internet shopping and as well as iPhone 6/6+ is supported on IPad. For apps (and maybe sites I'm not sure) you will be able to pay via ApplePay using TouchID to confirm the purchase.
Look at the storage capacity differences. iOS has to work on as low as 8GB. Desktop OS Mobile OS
Like every other show of this type unless it is very niche and B2B then it is dying or dead. Companies used to wait until such events to launch products/services but now they get them out there globally as soon as they can.
User profiles wouldn't work. You have to control what music, what books, what apps, what emails, what keychain items etc would be available per profile.If you want a 'family ipad' then remove email accounts, disable keychain, don't have offensive music or other content on it and there you go.
The US$50M penalty number means very little, it's for shock purposes. If the supplier chose not to pay and to break the contract then Apple would have to prove consequential loss as a direct result of any information that was leaked being in the public domain. In some circumstances of course that loss might be more than US$50M.   However anyone signing a contract should read it and understand what they are signing.
I suggest you look into the various anti competitive action related cases that show how Intel kept AMD down
Parrot MKi 9200 car kit. Problem exactly as AI reports remains
Love my 6 Plus. My iPhone 5S which I now use for roaming overseas seems tiny now. My hands are big enough, others aren't. That's called getting the right product that meets your needs. I can also use it one handed although I've never actually made a habit of using my previous iPhone's in that way, just tried it to annoy TS and the other 'only way to use a phone is with one hand' brigade. Amazes me how many people take the time to post to slate the size of the new iPhone 6...
Ordered 3 x iPhone 6 Plus 128GB (two Gold, one Space Grey) from UK store and a Brown cover   Delivery for phones quoted as 19/9, case 22/9
I often wonder if you just have to have the last word. I comprehend the point of the discussion perfectly. Your stated belief that having laws in place stops things happening is however beyond logical comprehension.
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