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Typical outdated comments about China. One of the biggest issues for factories in China is getting staff to work. This is because of the rapidly growing middle class and the reluctance to do labour intensive work. Ring any bells in the West?
AMD is an ARM licensee.Given the long term damage done to AMD by these actions I wonder how much of the fine will go to them...actually I don't. It will all go into EU gravy boat
@pfisher. Boot camp just enables Windows to boot on a Mac. The processor is x86 so natively runs windows and windows software. Getting such OS and software to run on ARM is a massive undertaking. I know that Windows on Mac was a big requirement especially for corporates where the C exec want a MacBook for looks but still had to run Windows. Times have changed though and especially with the increased use of Citrix and other such technology the base OS is less important. I...
Bose being even more marketing led than Beats. Good headphones my ass.
By who? By Labourites with very short memories of the total mess Brown and Balls left this country in?
It's an interesting move. Of course the amount collected will be less as people only have so much money to spend. Will it reserve the legitimate purchase trend? It would of course also be fair when doing this to remove the VAT on eBooks. Currently they have VAT on them whereas printed books don't.
Actually just being nice to people helps. Never got the raving at retail staff attitude.
Far more complicated than that especially regarding tariffs. However clearly it also means that having Turkey as a European headquarters is nonsense.
I suggest you do a bit more research on what the difference to political control and intra country economics the various acronyms mean.
Import tariffs and taxes into India are circa 25%-40% depending on product.
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