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Well, I'm a user. And, on my laptop, I sometimes want iTunes "best fit" within the current window, and other times (most of the time actually) I want it full screen on a desktop.   So, just because you don't want it, doesn't mean it's wrong. It means you don't want it. Nothing more.   It's perfect for me. So, perhaps I'm right on this from the user's perspective, what with me being a user and all.
Standard Hulu content (the free stuff) is not authorized for streaming to ANY set-top box or mobile device. Not on Xbox, PS3, Wii, Roku, Blu-ray player, smart TV, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, or any other device. And, that's an issue with the right-holder of that particular content, not Hulu or any particular device manufacturer.
This impacts Sales, Marketing & Services Group (SMSG), not the Macintosh Business Unit (MBU).
About that software update... There's a bug. On the older version, when you went to TV shows housed on a computer (via Home Sharing), when you displayed "By Show", the shows were in alphabetical order. Now, they're in order of the earliest episode downloaded within the show (that took some thought to figure out). It's been reported multiple times, and Apple acknowledged it's a bug they're working on, before closing my report as a duplicate. It's always something, isn't...
Delivered: 9:41 AM ET
Maybe so. The email I got from Apple says it'll be delivered Thursday. I can't check the Apple Store (it's "busy updating"). But, last time I did, it said deliver between March 15 and March 21. Of course, Apple's dates are just passing through what FedEx said. Running the tracking number from FedEx says it'll deliver Thursday (it's been in Memphis 3½ hours as I type this).
Wife felt the same way. When I hooked ours up (15 months ago) she was like, "What is that?!?" Then, when she was able to play her iTunes music through the sound system, she was like, "Why didn't you get one of these earlier?" Me? I use it as part of my "cutting the cord." I dropped cable (14 months ago). We get content via Apple TV or Roku. Not everything we used to get, to be sure, but a lot of stuff. Some content is only available (or most cost-effective) via iTunes, so...
Apple Store appears to have completed updating. All references I've seen now refer to 2TB and 3TB. And pricing is $299/$499 for 2TB/3TB.
New Posts  All Forums: