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We have a Surface Pro at work, and they are nice.  The hardware seems solid and it's the perfect device if you have occasional need for both a laptop and a tablet.
Funny.  This sort of thing usually works the other way around.
So the Ipad Pro turns out to be a retina macbook "air".
Maybe Apple is working on a driverless NASCAR car.  Driverless cars would allow for the "sport" to take elements from demolition derby and the chariot race in Ben Hur.  If they do that, I may start watching it.
Ok, this is the first intelligent thing I've seen written about an Apple car.  Apple's strength lies in looking at existing products, identifying their shortcomings, and overcoming them.  The biggest shortcomings for a car are depreciation, maintenance, and in an urban environment, parking.  An expansion on the zip car idea is right up Apple's alley.  
When does the meth lab app come out?
You must be fun at parties.
I like this guy a lot, but damn, is he incapable of speaking in complete sentences?  
Oh noes!  There are four million less fake celebrity/public figures and clueless teenagers displaying their complete ignorance of, well, everything.  Whatever will we do???
It's certainly less obtrusive looking than the Google Street View cars, even without the gaudy paint job on the Google car.     I would imagine these will be collecting multiple forms of data that will be integrated into several different aspects of Apple Maps.
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