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Since Chrysler bought AMC way back when, I've been hoping for the return of the Pacer...
Well, Chrysler/Dodge doesn't seem to have a problem bring back names of crappy cars.   Dart, anyone? Can't wait for the new generation Neon.
Ahh, Metallica.   Takes me back to the days of "Money good, Napster bad!"
 I think those are called "mob wives"  
ZOMG!!1!  Welfare queens in cadillacs, dogs and cats living together, mass pandamonium.
Human rights are what we decide they are.
You're going to have to cite that particular law.
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So, they're going to spend $55 billion in order to buy another company, which accomplishes little other than lining the pockets of a select few and eliminating a large number of administrative/middle management jobs that will become redundant.  Or they could spend far less than $55 billion to run fiber to every single Charter customer, greatly improving their performance across the board, modernizing their entire system, and insuring long term customer satisfaction.  Must...
Eh, Apple's basically using Kanye's media rep to their own advantage.  This story will be endlessly posted all over Reddit, Facebook, etc. and get a lot of free publicity for their streaming music service.   True, a lot of people can't stand Kanye, but he does sell lots of "records" and even the people who hate him passionately will still check out the streaming service.     I think they should have used this guy though  http://imgur.com/gallery/wg5P7W2
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