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Since this is a commodity item, and not something we don't have to wait for production to ramp up on like an iPhone, I'm waiting until the holiday shopping season to see if any retailers offer gift cards, etc. with the AppleTV.  
I'll take "things that will never happen to me" for $1000, Alex.
If it has a steering system, it's greasy. Cars (even the relatively simple electric models) need an enormous supply chain.  They also need mechanics.  Not technicians, not geniuses.  Mechanics.  Just because it doesn't have an internal combustion engine doesn't mean it doesn't have moving parts. I know they're a smart company and have thought about all this.  Kinda surprised they're going all the way like this though.
Then you'll have to buy one every year.
But you can ask your phone it's raining, even when you're standing in front of a window!
yep the entire product line.
But no trackpad. Going from the keyboard to the touch screen over and over again is about as ergonomic as an ATM machine. Sorry, but the truth hurts sometimes.
That should be fun. "Siri, joystick right" "Ok, I'm going to move the joystick to the right." "Ok" "I cannot move the joystick to the right.  Pac-man was eaten by a ghost 10 seconds ago"
 Everything on this list relates to the core principles which the founders of the company espoused (if I may be so bold as to be allowed to speak for them in any way) as either expansion of existing products and markets or logical extensions into new ones.   Many of these are ongoing (refining the OS and applications) or upgrades (iPad Pro).    Considering Apple is one of the largest companies in the world, with a warchest that overshadows many nations, developing original...
Apple Corps went after Apple Computer early on, and Apple had pay a settlement and agree to stay out of the music business.  FWIW, I don't think they should be able to trademark common phrases.  
New Posts  All Forums: