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Nah, all they have to do is resrtart and update the megahertz myth.  People will eat it up.
If Dre hadn't been an entertainer, his name would have never been printed on those headphones. Look, I know Andre Young is not stupid, nor is he really a thug like his NWA persona claims.  none of them were (well, maybe Eazy-E), but I always just figured he "created" these headphones the same way that celebrity authors "write" a book with a second party.
Ahh, nothing brings out the flying spittle and free-form loathing more than the good Reverend Jackson.   If Cook meets with Justin Bieber next, that will pretty much break the Internets.
No love for U2? Seemed like everyone was downloading their new album this year.
I'd trust Orrin Hatch a lot more than the loonies that are running the asylum in the republican party nowadays.
eBay/Paypal charges around 13% cumulative for sellers.  So that $350 iPad will get you about $304, and the possibility of a fraudulent or pain-in-the-a$$ buyer.   I, for one, will take the guarantee of no hassle over that.    Actually, I would just sell it to a friend for a lower price, but that's just me :)
NO.  Like it or not, Bono is the last great rock star, and that still carries weight in a lot of corners.  I'm sure the Apple people like the cache of hanging out with someone cool.   From everything I see, this is more about making money than anything to "improve" music.
Why do you give a damn about this?  if the guy doesn't want stuff sent to his phone/itunes account, he doesn't want it.
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