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That's good enough for me.  
Wrong answer, as usual. Appeal to authority can't be cited here because the authority cited is an expert, unlike the landscape architecture professors and political scientists who comprise the anti-global warming "consensus."
Maybe the extra exposure in the iTunes store doesn't pay the dividends that were promised?   It sounds pretty lame to me.  
Sounds good, as long as they don't buy SMART.  Their ink software blows, as do their sympodium monitors.  
I'm so happy LeBron has another $30 million I could just shit.
Another $19 down the drain.  For a company that works so hard on aesthetics, they sure do like to have a lot of dongles hanging off of stuff.
Maybe they can put Jonny Ive in charge of advertising.  I can see it now.  30 seconds of a blank white screen, and a 40 pixel high apple logo appears in the lower right corner at the end of the ad.
Pray tell, where should people be getting their news from?
Yes, and thank God for them.
You mean like how computers have worked for the last, oh, 30 years?
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