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NO.  Like it or not, Bono is the last great rock star, and that still carries weight in a lot of corners.  I'm sure the Apple people like the cache of hanging out with someone cool.   From everything I see, this is more about making money than anything to "improve" music.
Why do you give a damn about this?  if the guy doesn't want stuff sent to his phone/itunes account, he doesn't want it.
No way.  They have to launch officially.  How else will they get on the news if they don't have people lined up around the block overnight?
40-50 MB of a limited data plan wasted on an album you either didn't want or could download at home?  Yeah, I can see where some people would be upset.
The stock will go up on sales, so this keynote delivers two quarters worth sales (the next month or so for phones, and early 2015 for the watch).   What did you expect, $700 by 3:00 eastern?
Apple Pay on a watch could open the door for scammers.  All one would need would be to bump into an Apple Watch with a NFC reader.  Set it to display something innocuous like 1 Diet Coke and you could scam a lot of $1.25's out of people.  
 I wonder how much money paypal would make without ebay sales?
Grow up.  This is a consumer-friendly feature that should have been standard for a long time now.
Yeah, it looks like a furniture store.  Zero character or personality.
New Posts  All Forums: