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So, they're going to spend $55 billion in order to buy another company, which accomplishes little other than lining the pockets of a select few and eliminating a large number of administrative/middle management jobs that will become redundant.  Or they could spend far less than $55 billion to run fiber to every single Charter customer, greatly improving their performance across the board, modernizing their entire system, and insuring long term customer satisfaction.  Must...
Eh, Apple's basically using Kanye's media rep to their own advantage.  This story will be endlessly posted all over Reddit, Facebook, etc. and get a lot of free publicity for their streaming music service.   True, a lot of people can't stand Kanye, but he does sell lots of "records" and even the people who hate him passionately will still check out the streaming service.     I think they should have used this guy though  http://imgur.com/gallery/wg5P7W2
Ads on traditional radio paid the radio station's bills.  The records played translated into albums sold for the record companies. People aren't buying albums anymore.
Where did you think Casper the friendly ghost came from?
So they had a strong Christmas season, but now they're not selling as many over the winter?  What did 2013Q4 look like?     Not sure if the time is quite right for panic here...
 These days it might be harder to find an Apple I *not* signed by Woz.  
They need to sell a bundle in the "Machete Order", 4-5-2-3-6.  
Apple should only hire graduates from Bob Jones University and Liberty University.  Additionally, they should only speak at CPAC and possibly the Annual Sarah Palin "Lipstick on a Pig" BBQ Roast and Gun Bash in Treestump, Alaska.
We have a Surface Pro at work, and they are nice.  The hardware seems solid and it's the perfect device if you have occasional need for both a laptop and a tablet.
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