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Grow up.  This is a consumer-friendly feature that should have been standard for a long time now.
Yeah, it looks like a furniture store.  Zero character or personality.
Hell, I've gotten that with a microsoft mouse on my last two macs.  A wired mouse on the old mac pro and a bluetooth mouse on the new iMac.   And I don't use Apple mice because they're terrible.  From the hockey puck forward, it just seems to be a blind spot for them for some reason.
 There's this new thing you may not have heard of called "work", where you have to deal with all sorts of people from all over the place, with all kinds of technology.
Because Chinese big-shots want fancy phones just as much as we do :)
That's good enough for me.  
Wrong answer, as usual. Appeal to authority can't be cited here because the authority cited is an expert, unlike the landscape architecture professors and political scientists who comprise the anti-global warming "consensus."
Maybe the extra exposure in the iTunes store doesn't pay the dividends that were promised?   It sounds pretty lame to me.  
Sounds good, as long as they don't buy SMART.  Their ink software blows, as do their sympodium monitors.  
I'm so happy LeBron has another $30 million I could just shit.
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