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Sapphire speaker cones...
1. So you bought your iPhone 4 less than a year ago... The iPhone 4 is two years old, next month. (Tardy to the party?) lol   2. Let's not forget that the network capability of the iPhone 4 is not as great as the 4s. The 4 connects to HSPA networks, while the 4s connects to HSPA+ which directly relates to network speed.   My 4s out runs my wife's 4 every day of the week on the AT&T network while we are side by side. This is probably directly linked to the fact...
My first cell phone was on nTelos... My father actually switched to AT&T to get an iPhone... I'm almost certain that he will switch back to nTelos because of this news...
This is exactly why I didn't waste my money on a LTE version of the iPad. I simply tether to my iPhone for $25 more per month and I now have 5GB to use that will be shared between my phone and my iPad. This works out especially well for me for several reasons: 1. I have a car charger that I can use to charge my 4s on the go if need be 2. I normally only use about 300MB of my 2GB cap with my iPhone 3. I spent $130 less on the device up front 4. 5GB of space for less...
"On the logic board is the new custom A5X processor, which features the same clock speed as the A5 CPU found in the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, but adds a new quad-core graphics processor and a gigabyte of RAM. The CPU was also built by Samsung, and markings on it indicate it was manufactured in the first week of 2012." The bold sentence is incorrect. The iPhone 4s is clocked at about 800Mhz, whereas the clock on the New iPad and the iPad2 is 1Ghz.
The I-PAD that you speak of was produced in the late 90's and is no longer produced or sold. Proview has not manufactured anything in a very long time.
I do not think the next iPad will include LTE, and I won't be sad about it. I've had a chance to use Verizon LTE in the DC area and it is on par with my HSPA+ on my 4S. I've tested LTE using a Verizon AIr Card and have excellent reception. My best results were 9.4Mb/s Down and .97Mb/s Up. I've consistently pulled gotten 6.5Mb/s Down and at least 1.4Mb/s Up using my 4S on AT&T.
Using your logic, the Android numbers should not be used for long term trends since there is a new Android device coming out that is 'better' every week.
That link definitely was not there when I posted earlier... They just added it.
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