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Generally I don't pay much attention to this sort of thing but the facility seems to be jinxed.
I'm not sure which way to go on this one. There are benefits both ways, the problem with Touch to wake on an iPhone and maybe an iPad is that the screen is always being Touched as it moves around in your pocket. Doesn't seem like a battery friendly way to do things.
Well management did say that they had no intention of letting this market get away from them!As far as the next devices I hope for a lot but expect little. Less disappointment that way. I'm due for updates so I hoping for excellent new hardware.
I'd be very interested in seeing A write up. Does this indicate that Windows is now less dependent upon BIOS?
From the App Store! This is not as big a problem as people make it out to be.
Actually this is app dependent and some gains laptops will drain the battery even when plugged into their charger. You would need an app (games) that loads both the GPU and CPU significantly. The problem as you know is that everything contributes to the final load on the power supply, a bright backlight, heavy GPU usage and other loads in the system can easily end up past 100 watts on many of the gaming machines out there.I suspect one thing that people don't grasp is...
Actually companies minimize their search efforts when it comes to patents.
The first thing I thought of is that this would be a horrible device for creative input. Let's say you are typing away and pause for a thought, will that be turned into some sort of touch gesture? Maybe it will work but I have a lot of muscle memory built up around a track pad and keyboard, mixing the two seems odd.
Not to mention that the Air actually has real industry standard ports that are accessible easily by programmers/users.
The sweet spot is adding more RAM without a negative when it comes to power draw. LPDDR4 RAM ought to allow Apple to double RAM in the iPhone without a negative impact.By the way the upgrade from 512 MB of RAM to 1GB had a massively positive impact on the iPad. It went from a proof of concept machine to something far more usable and with reasonable staying power. I like to buy hardware that leave me confident that it will be useful for at least a few years.In the case...
New Posts  All Forums: