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It is amazing how quickly people forget that initial massive price hike. I would imagine by this point production is to the point where a retina screen would be cost effective in a MBA.I'm not sure what you are getting at here, the last five years have been huge! We now have laptops that literally go all day. Those same laptops have GPUs that are passable without the addition of discreet GPUs and the general power requirement problems. Hell even the MBA has gotten...
It is most certianly a sad end to a great company! Even before the 68000, a wonderful advancement at the time, they where big in the 8bit world.I also see this sale highlighting the problem with many private equity firms, it takes more than management skill to run a tech related firm. I've seen this with my own eyes at the place I work. In the end private equity only cares about the payoff with the eventual sale.
I have no idea but honestly would prefer an LCD screen.
It is certainly a mental health problem of some sort. I'm not qualified to say it is obsessive compulsive but certainly a failure grasp reality.
Baloney. A compromise is what happens when you balance competing needs. Often an individual is the one making the compromises.I've is not a magician, like all designers he has to work within the limits of physics and current technology. Beyond that you need to realize that many people buy iPhones for the cameras and do so with a high expectation of good performance. There are only a few people that are seriously upset about the ring, most people realize that it...
Is your phone in a case?
Not even close! Imagination has announced technology that Apple ends up using months or sometimes years before Apple publicly announces its use. Just look at the GPUs in any recent A series APU, some of those GPU cores were public knowledge a year before they showed up in an Apple product.Huh? Every GPU Imagination has made is announced well before a containing chip hits the market. We have no idea if this makes any difference with respect to A9 or other coming Apple...
What is The wow all about. $24 an hour is already damn good wages for a stupid person to earn.
Ultimately we could blame the EU here. These soldering issues have impacted a wide array of industries beyond the PC market.The problem is what can Apple do about this issue. To get the performance everybody demands out of a GPU you end up running them hot. I'm actually surprised that Apple was able to lower the clock rates on the GPU chips in the Mac Pro without getting skewered in the media.
Well yes you misunderstand, I'm talking about space on the SoC. Cost is a function of area, going to 14 nm would allow Apple to put a lot of functionality into a chip the same size as the one current,y in Apple TV. The cost of the chip would be similar, with a premium for the new process. In other words an updated SoC by itself wouldn't have a dramatic impact on the Apple TV.Now that being said other features could have a big impact. One of those features is flash...
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