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The last Mini update Apple focused on GPU performance, dropping the quad core machine. A lot of people didn't like that. It would be nice to see a Quad core, SkyLake based machine this year. Sadly it isn't looking good.It could be worth it but Apple needs to get with the program. This iMac update is a pretty disgusting example of Apple dragging its feet on new technology. The machine really needed USB-C/Thunderbolt3 ports with this release. Likewise a Mini...
At most companies that is a self service function on an internal web server.Well let's hope not. That is a reliable system shouldn't require a lot of restarts.I'm actually wondering if the requests for Mac support are more technical in nature. The simple stuff is already taken care of on a Mac.
At his me I gave up the on Windows after a service pack install hosed an NT 4 machine. I then switched to Linux for many years. Linux at the time had lots of problems too but at lest you didn't have an opaque coporation to deal with.I went to a Mac laptop in 2008. It is a good decision if you want a reliable machine that just works. It is possibly not so good of a choice if you want to do hardware development work. On the other hand with VM's another OS just...
This I agree with, Intels business model is being disrupted and frankly raising prices will work against them. Higher prices just means more reasons for people to move to ARM or even AMD.As a side note everyone likes to laugh at AMD for their problems, many self inflicted, but AMD is suffering from the same market conditions Intel is suffering from.Well sorta! Until we see ARM chips in laptops we really can't say that end user computing has moved to ARM chips.The...
That is because we are on our way to a major world wide recession/depression. All the signs point to this and frankly it would be a mirical if we get through early 2016 without seeing some of the first impacts. Seriously look at the number of people unemployed or not working in the USA right now. It is a huge number that could easily double.
It isn't Broadwell hat makes these machines poor upgrades. I suspect they went Broadwell to get the better GPUs. The problem is the rest of the configurations. No USB-C is a big mistake, the Fusion drive is pathetic and the other short comings really puts to question these machines value, especially the 21".Yeah I hope to see something soon. I'd actually like to see APple build as computer keyboard. That is take the Mac Book's CPU and put it into a keyboard. ...
I'm not sure where you get that idea. The 27" iMac largely sells to professionals. As such this machine is a huge disappointment.Baloneey. Beyond that adapters to deliver and old style USB port would be dirt cheap. Even worst Apple just upgraded Keyboards and other devices and failed to transition to the new port standards.Unfortunately it is the Pro user that least needs these upgrades.
These would have been passable machines if introduced in the Spring of 2015 but they are a bit of a joke now.
I'm rejecting your rejection! If you pay good money for the high end model you should get something for it. That would be two 8GB DIMM modules which are actually trivially priced these days. It isn't like the machines introduce modern memory systems either, over all a pathetic update.
I can't imagine many honest and glowing reviews over this "new" hardware. Read the specs and it is pretty obvious the bean counters have taken over at Apple. The "new " storage solutions are pathetic to say the least. This especially if the intent is to offer up hardware to support the video processing markets.
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